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fresh name packaging artifact id
Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java bundle guava
Guava Testing Library jar guava-testlib
Guava GWT compatible libs jar guava-gwt
Guava InternalFutureFailureAccess and InternalFutures bundle failureaccess
Guava ListenableFuture only jar listenablefuture
Guava (Google Common Libraries) Collections jar guava-collections
Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java (JDK5 Backport) bundle guava-jdk5
Guava (Google Common Libraries) Input/Output jar guava-io
Guava (Google Common Libraries) Base jar guava-base
Guava Unit Tests jar guava-tests
Guava (Google Common Libraries) Primitive Types jar guava-primitives
Guava (Google Common Libraries) Annotations jar guava-annotations
Guava (Google Common Libraries) Concurrency jar guava-concurrent
Guava Maven Parent pom guava-parent
Guava Compilation Bootstrap Classes (JDK5 Backport) jar guava-bootstrap-jdk5
Guava Compilation Bootstrap Classes jar guava-bootstrap
Guava Testing Library (JDK5 Backport) jar guava-testlib-jdk5
Guava Beta Checker jar guava-beta-checker
Guava Unit Tests (JDK5 Backport) jar guava-tests-jdk5
Guava BOM pom guava-bom
Guava Maven Parent (JDK5 Backport) pom guava-parent-jdk5

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