fresh name packaging artifact id
Appengine-api-1.0-sdk jar appengine-api-1.0-sdk
Appengine-api-stubs jar appengine-api-stubs
Appengine-testing jar appengine-testing
Appengine-api-labs jar appengine-api-labs
Google App Engine Tools SDK jar appengine-tools-sdk
Appengine-endpoints jar appengine-endpoints
Appengine-local-runtime jar appengine-local-runtime
Gradle App Engine plugin jar gradle-appengine-plugin
Appengine-local-endpoints jar appengine-local-endpoints
Google App Engine for Java SDK zip appengine-java-sdk
App Engine Memcache Adapter jar appengine-jsr107cache
Appengine-remote-api jar appengine-remote-api
Appengine-tools-api jar appengine-tools-api
Appengine-local-runtime-shared jar appengine-local-runtime-shared
Google App Engine pom appengine
Appengine-api jar appengine-api
Gradle App Engine tooling model jar gradle-appengine-builder-model
Appengine-endpoints-deps jar appengine-endpoints-deps
A Maven Plugin for running and deploying appengine applications maven-plugin appengine-maven-plugin
Google App Engine Runtime Utilities jar appengine-managed-runtime
A Maven Plugin using the Cloud SDK for running and deploying appengine applications maven-plugin gcloud-maven-plugin
Google App Engine Logging Support jar appengine-java-logging
Google App Engine Image for OpenJDK (openjdk8) pom openjdk8
appengine-jetty-managed-runtime jar appengine-jetty-managed-runtime
Appengine-agent-sdk jar appengine-agent-sdk
Appengine-agentruntime-sdk jar appengine-agentruntime-sdk
Appengine-agentimpl-sdk jar appengine-agentimpl-sdk
appengine-java-runtime-projects pom java-managed-runtime-projects
Google App Engine Image Jetty (jetty9) pom jetty9
Google App Engine Image with GAE Compatibility (jetty9-compat) pom jetty9-compat
Google App Engine Container with GAE Compatibility (jetty9-compat) Jetty Base jar jetty9-compat-base
Appengine-datanucleus-enhancer jar appengine-datanucleus-enhancer
Google App Engine Runtime Parent pom appengine-java-vm-runtime
Appengine-dev-jdk-overrides-sdk jar appengine-dev-jdk-overrides-sdk
Appengine-quickstartgenerator-sdk jar appengine-quickstartgenerator-sdk
Appengine-dependencies-sdk pom appengine-dependencies-sdk
Appengine-resources-sdk zip appengine-resources-sdk
Appengine-staging-sdk jar appengine-staging-sdk

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