fresh name packaging artifact id
Aspect-bom pom aspect-bom
Auto-managed pom auto-managed
Bytecode-bom pom bytecode-bom
Camel-bom pom camel-bom
Clojure-bom pom clojure-bom
Database-bom pom database-bom
Doxia-bom pom doxia-bom
Google-bom pom google-bom
Guice-bom pom guice-bom
Httpclient-bom pom httpclient-bom
Java-bom pom java-bom
Javax-bom pom javax-bom
Jexl-bom pom jexl-bom
Json-bom pom json-bom
Juel-bom pom juel-bom
Logging-bom pom logging-bom
Maven-bom pom maven-bom
Maven BOMs pom maven-boms
Mvel-bom pom mvel-bom
Ognl-bom pom ognl-bom
Paranamer-bom pom paranamer-bom
Pax-bom pom pax-bom
Plexus-bom pom plexus-bom
Scripting-bom pom scripting-bom
Sebhoss-bom pom sebhoss-bom
Square-bom pom square-bom
Testing-bom pom testing-bom
Wikitext-bom pom wikitext-bom
Yaml-bom pom yaml-bom

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