group: com.github.sarxos

fresh name packaging artifact id
Webcam Capture bundle webcam-capture
Webcam Capture - V4L4J Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-v4l4j
V4L4J jar v4l4j
Webcam Capture - IP Camera Driver bundle webcam-capture-driver-ipcam
Windows Registry Utility bundle windows-registry-util
Webcam Capture - GStreamer Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-gstreamer
LTI-CIVIL (no SWT) jar lti-civil-no-swt
Webcam Capture - FsWebcam Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-fswebcam
Webcam Capture - OpenIMAJ Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-openimaj
Webcam Capture - JMF Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-jmf
MySQL Schema Evolver jar mysql-schema-evolver
.NET Managed DLL Injector bundle dotnet-dll-injector
Webcam Capture - JavaCV Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-javacv
Webcam Capture - LTI-CIVIL Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-lti-civil
Webcam Capture - JavaCV Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-opencv
Webcam Capture Drivers pom webcam-capture-drivers
Webcam Capture - Screen Capture Driver jar webcam-capture-driver-screencapture
FASM Compiler Maven Plugin maven-plugin fasm-compiler-plugin
Webcam Capture - Vlcj Driver bundle webcam-capture-driver-vlcj
Webcam Capture Parent POM pom webcam-capture-parent
Overcast Maven Tools pom overcast-maven-parent
Exchange Rates API jar exchange-rates-api
Overcast Maven Plugin maven-plugin overcast-maven-plugin
Overcast Maven Helper jar overcast-maven-helper
Parent POM for OSS Projects pom oss-parent

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