group: com.github.jknack

fresh name packaging artifact id
Handlebars jar handlebars
Handlebars Guava Cache jar handlebars-guava-cache
Handlebars Spring MVC jar handlebars-springmvc
A Jackson 2.x helper jar handlebars-jackson2
Core Module jar mwa-core
Handlebars Helpers jar handlebars-helpers
A Markdown Helper jar handlebars-markdown
Humanize helpers jar handlebars-humanize
Logging Module pom mwa-logging
Web Module jar mwa-web
JSR-303 Bean Validation Module jar mwa-validation
Mongo Module jar mwa-mongo
amd4j-core jar amd4j-core
JPA Module jar mwa-jpa
Wro4j Module jar mwa-wro4j
MVC Module jar mwa-mvc pom
amd4j-closure jar amd4j-closure
A standalone Handlebars Server jar handlebars-proto
A Jackson 1.x helper jar handlebars-json
Handlebars.js maven plugin maven-plugin handlebars-maven-plugin
TodoMVC Examples with JPA persistence war todomvc-jpa
amd4j-maven-plugin maven-plugin amd4j-maven-plugin
amd4j-tool jar amd4j-tool
Examples Apps pom examples jar
Handlebars.js maven plugin tests war handlebars-maven-plugin-tests
Handlebars-parboiled-processor jar handlebars-parboiled-processor without Rhino jar handlebars-without-rhino integration tests pom integration-tests
A Modern Web App Archicture pom modern-web-app
Camel Module jar mwa-camel
Mail Module jar mwa-mail
Morphia Module jar mwa-morphia
Solr 3.x Module jar mwa-solr3
Solr 4.x Module jar mwa-solr4
Semantic Versioning jar
amd4j pom amd4j

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