group: com.github.fracpete

fresh name packaging artifact id
processoutput4j jar processoutput4j
jfilechooser-bookmarks jar jfilechooser-bookmarks
simple-argparse4j jar simple-argparse4j
rsync4j-core jar rsync4j-core
snowball-stemmers jar snowball-stemmers-weka-package
deps4j jar deps4j
multisearch jar multisearch-weka-package
jclipboardhelper jar jclipboardhelper
rsync4j-windows-x86_64 jar rsync4j-windows-x86_64
rsync4j-windows-x86 jar rsync4j-windows-x86
screencast4j jar screencast4j
Introduction to Programming in Java - Standard I/O jar princeton-java-stdlib
jshell-scripting jar jshell-scripting
ptstemmer jar ptstemmer
vfsjfilechooser2 jar vfsjfilechooser2
pt-stemmer jar ptstemmer-weka-package
SizeOf Agent jar sizeofag
inetutils4j jar inetutils4j
nlp jar nlp-weka-package
Introduction to Programming in Java - Examples jar princeton-java-examples
Introduction to Programming in Java - Exercises jar princeton-java-exercises
Introduction to Programming in Java pom princeton-java-introduction
quicken4j jar quicken4j
romannumerals4j jar romannumerals4j
rsync4j jar rsync4j
rsync4j-all jar rsync4j-all
rsync4j-pom pom rsync4j-pom
screencast4j jar screencast4j-weka-package
simpleini4j jar simpleini4j
wekaclassalgos jar wekaclassalgos
weka-option-utils jar weka-option-utils
command-to-code jar command-to-code-weka-package
weka-virtualenv jar weka-virtualenv
confusionmatrix jar confusionmatrix-weka-package
fastrandomforest jar fastrandomforest-weka-package
gpsformats4j jar gpsformats4j
graphviz-treevisualize jar graphviz-treevisualize-weka-package
jcamp-dx jar jcamp-dx
jshell-scripting jar jshell-scripting-weka-package
LaTeX Maven pom latex-maven
LaTeX Maven Archetype jar latex-maven-archetype
LaTeX Maven Plugin maven-plugin latex-maven-plugin
loadlib4j jar loadlib4j
maven-dependency-helper jar maven-dependency-helper
Apache Maven Dependency List Plugin maven-plugin maven-dependency-list-plugin
minify-meka jar minify-meka
minify-weka jar minify-weka
missing-values-imputation jar missing-values-imputation-weka-package
musicg jar musicg
mxexpression jar mxexpression-weka-package

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