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fresh name packaging artifact id
core jar levsha-core_2.12
server jar korolev-server_2.11
server jar korolev-server_2.12
events jar levsha-events_2.12
async jar korolev-async_2.12
async jar korolev-async_2.11
core jar levsha-core_2.13
korolev jar korolev_2.12
effect jar korolev-effect_2.13
effect jar korolev-effect_2.12
core jar levsha-core_sjs0.6_2.12
core jar levsha-core_2.11
korolev jar korolev_2.11
events jar levsha-events_2.13
core jar levsha-core_sjs0.6_2.11
events jar levsha-events_2.11
bridge bundle korolev-bridge_2.11
events jar levsha-events_sjs0.6_2.12
core jar pushka-core_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar pushka-core_2.11
events jar levsha-events_sjs0.6_2.11
vdom bundle korolev-vdom_2.11
vdom bundle korolev-vdom_sjs0.6_2.11
bridge bundle korolev-bridge_sjs0.6_2.11
bridge bundle korolev-bridge_2.12
korolev jar korolev_2.13
core jar levsha-core_3
core jar levsha-core_sjs0.6_2.13
events jar levsha-events_3
zhukov-core jar zhukov-core_2.12
zhukov-protobuf jar zhukov-protobuf_2.12
dux jar korolev-dux_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar levsha-core_sjs1_3
async jar korolev-async_2.13
core jar levsha-core_sjs1_2.13
core jar pushka-core_2.10
async bundle korolev-async_sjs0.6_2.11
dux jar korolev-dux_2.11
core jar levsha-core_sjs1_2.12
core jar pushka-core_sjs0.6_2.10
bridge bundle korolev-bridge_sjs0.6_2.12
async bundle korolev-async_sjs0.6_2.12
vdom bundle korolev-vdom_2.12
vdom bundle korolev-vdom_sjs0.6_2.12
events jar levsha-events_sjs0.6_2.13
events jar levsha-events_sjs1_3
server-blaze jar korolev-server-blaze_2.12
server-blaze jar korolev-server-blaze_2.11
events jar levsha-events_sjs1_2.12
events jar levsha-events_sjs1_2.13
server jar korolev-server_2.13
json jar pushka-json_2.10
http jar vodka-http_2.11
http jar vodka-http_2.10
json jar pushka-json_2.11
cats jar korolev-cats_2.13
cats-effect-support jar korolev-cats-effect-support_2.13
cats-effect-support jar korolev-cats-effect-support_2.12
core jar pushka-core_2.12
json jar pushka-json_sjs0.6_2.12
core jar pushka-core_sjs0.6_2.12
cats jar korolev-cats_2.12
zio jar korolev-zio_2.12
server-akkahttp jar korolev-server-akkahttp_2.12
korolev bundle korolev_sjs0.6_2.12
pushka jar vodka-pushka_2.10
dom jar levsha-dom_sjs0.6_2.12
zio jar korolev-zio_2.13
petrovich-scala jar petrovich-scala_2.11
simpleExample jar simpleexample_2.11
json jar pushka-json_2.12
zhukov-derivation jar zhukov-derivation_2.12
korolev-garcon jar korolev-garcon_2.13
petrovich-scala jar petrovich-scala_sjs0.6_2.11
gameOfLifeExample jar gameoflifeexample_2.11
cats-effect-support jar korolev-cats-effect-support_2.11
dom jar levsha-dom_sjs1_3
akka jar korolev-akka_2.12
server-akkahttp jar korolev-server-akkahttp_2.13
korolev-garcon jar korolev-garcon_2.12
slf4j-support jar korolev-slf4j-support_2.13
slf4j jar korolev-slf4j_2.12
slf4j jar korolev-slf4j_2.13
simpleExample jar simpleexample_2.12
gameOfLifeExample jar gameoflifeexample_2.12
routingExample jar routingexample_2.12
akka jar korolev-akka_2.13
slf4j-support jar korolev-slf4j-support_2.12
json jar pushka-json_sjs0.6_2.10
dom jar levsha-dom_sjs0.6_2.13
jcache-support jar korolev-jcache-support_2.11
dom jar levsha-dom_sjs1_2.12
monix-support jar korolev-monix-support_2.11
dom jar levsha-dom_sjs1_2.13
jcache-support jar korolev-jcache-support_2.12
json jar pushka-json_sjs0.6_2.11
monix-support jar korolev-monix-support_2.12
monix jar korolev-monix_2.12
example jar korolev-example_2.11
server-akkahttp jar korolev-server-akkahttp_2.11
routingExample jar routingexample_2.11
slf4j-support jar korolev-slf4j-support_2.11
korolev bundle korolev_sjs0.6_2.11
dom jar levsha-dom_sjs0.6_2.11
pushka jar vodka-pushka_2.11
monix jar korolev-monix_2.13

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