group: com.github.davidmoten

fresh name packaging artifact id
junit-extras jar junit-extras
guava-mini jar guava-mini
rxjava-extras jar rxjava-extras
rxjava-slf4j jar rxjava-slf4j
rtree jar rtree
grumpy-core jar grumpy-core
flatbuffers-java jar flatbuffers-java
rxjava-jdbc jar rxjava-jdbc
state-machine-runtime jar state-machine-runtime
geo jar geo
rxjava2-jdbc jar rxjava2-jdbc
state-machine-annotations jar state-machine-annotations
rxjava2-jdbc-stored-procedure jar rxjava2-jdbc-stored-procedure
state-machine-generator jar state-machine-generator
xuml-model-compiler-runtime jar xuml-model-compiler-runtime
miuml-jaxb jar miuml-jaxb
rxjava2-pool jar rxjava2-pool
xuml-diagrams-core jar xuml-diagrams-core
grumpy-ogc jar grumpy-ogc
state-machine-persistence jar state-machine-persistence
state-machine-test jar state-machine-test
xuml-model-compiler jar xuml-model-compiler
rxjava2-extras jar rxjava2-extras
hibernate pom hibernate
gae pom gae
fastdtw jar fastdtw
rxjava-file jar rxjava-file
grumpy-ogc-layers jar grumpy-ogc-layers
aws-helper jar aws-helper
order-tracker jar order-tracker
grumpy-projection jar grumpy-projection
Authentication-util jar authentication-util
xuml-model-compiler-test jar xuml-model-compiler-test
hilbert-curve jar hilbert-curve
state-diagram-viewer jar state-diagram-viewer
rxjava2-aws jar rxjava2-aws
ppk jar ppk
xuml-tools-maven-plugin maven-plugin xuml-tools-maven-plugin
Aws-maven-plugin maven-plugin aws-maven-plugin
bigsort jar bigsort
Decrypt-maven-plugin maven-plugin decrypt-maven-plugin
dummy pom dummy
Example jar example
Flatbuffers-compiler zip flatbuffers-compiler
Flatbuffers-parent pom flatbuffers-parent
functional-jpa jar functional-jpa
geo-mem jar geo-mem
Geo-parent pom geo-parent
grib2json jar grib2json
grumpy pom grumpy
grumpy-app war grumpy-app
io-extras jar io-extras
java-builder2 jar java-builder2
kool jar kool
logan war logan
order-tracker-webapp war order-tracker-webapp
rxjava2-file jar rxjava2-file
rxjava2-http jar rxjava2-http
rxjava2-jdbc-kotlin-example pom rxjava2-jdbc-kotlin-example
rxjava2-jdbc-parent pom rxjava2-jdbc-parent
rxjava-aws jar rxjava-aws
sonatype-parent pom sonatype-parent
state-machine-example-shopping jar state-machine-example-shopping
state-machine-maven-plugin maven-plugin state-machine-maven-plugin
state-machine-parent pom state-machine-parent
subethasmtp jar subethasmtp
wms-demo war wms-demo
word-wrap jar word-wrap
xuml-diagrams war xuml-diagrams
xuml-model-archetype jar xuml-model-archetype
xuml-tools pom xuml-tools

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