group: com.github.axet

fresh name packaging artifact id
wget jar wget
kaptcha jar kaptcha
android libvorbis aar vorbis
jebml jar jebml
Android Library aar android-library
android lame aar lame
java-flac-encoder jar java-flac-encoder
JSSRC -- High Quality Java SSRC Resampler jar jssrc
android opus aar opus
desktop jar desktop
vget jar vget
threads jar threads
mavennatives jar mavennatives
lookup jar lookup
android libvorbis aar libvorbis
android libogg aar libogg
android libopus aar libopus
android liblame aar liblame
apple jar apple
play jar play
zip4j jar zip4j
Java UnRar jar java-unrar
K-9 Mail Library aar k-9
K-9 Mail Library aar k9-lib
libsqlite jar libsqlite
android torrent library aar libtorrent
litedb jar litedb
protocols jar protocols
shoutcast jar shoutcast
Versions Maven Plugin maven-plugin versions-maven-plugin
Android Library aar android-audio-library

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