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fresh name packaging artifact id
annotations-java8 jar annotations-java8
forms_rt jar forms_rt
cucumber-jvm-formatter jar cucumber-jvm-formatter
javaFX jar javaFX
java-decompiler-engine jar java-decompiler-engine
common-javaFX-plugin jar common-javaFX-plugin
trove4j jar trove4j
java-psi-api jar java-psi-api
ui-designer jar ui-designer
ui-designer-core jar ui-designer-core
git4idea jar git4idea
json jar json
testng_rt jar testng_rt
antlayout jar antlayout
appEngine-runtime jar appEngine-runtime
asm-all jar asm-all
assetstudio jar assetstudio
boot jar boot
bootstrap jar bootstrap
build jar build
built-in-server jar built-in-server
built-in-server-api jar built-in-server-api
ByteCodeViewer jar ByteCodeViewer
colorSchemes jar colorSchemes
commander jar commander
common jar common
common-eclipse-util jar common-eclipse-util
community-resources jar community-resources
compiler-impl jar compiler-impl
compiler-openapi jar compiler-openapi
copyright jar copyright
core-api jar core-api
core-impl jar core-impl
course-creator jar course-creator
course-creator-python jar course-creator-python
coverage jar coverage
coverage-common jar coverage-common
coverage_rt jar coverage_rt
cucumber-test-runner jar cucumber-test-runner
cvs-core jar cvs-core
cvs-plugin jar cvs-plugin
ddmlib jar ddmlib
debugger-impl jar debugger-impl
debugger-openapi jar debugger-openapi
devkit jar devkit
devkit-jps-plugin jar devkit-jps-plugin
diff-api jar diff-api
diff-impl jar diff-impl
dom-impl jar dom-impl
dom-openapi jar dom-openapi
draw9patch jar draw9patch
duplicates-analysis jar duplicates-analysis
dvcs-api jar dvcs-api
dvcs-impl jar dvcs-impl
dvlib jar dvlib
eclipse jar eclipse
eclipse-jps-plugin jar eclipse-jps-plugin
editorconfig jar editorconfig
editor-ui-api jar editor-ui-api
editor-ui-ex jar editor-ui-ex
educational jar educational
execution-impl jar execution-impl
execution-openapi jar execution-openapi
extensions jar extensions
external-system-api jar external-system-api
external-system-impl jar external-system-impl
forms-compiler jar forms-compiler
git4idea-rt jar git4idea-rt
github jar github
google-app-engine jar google-app-engine
google-app-engine-jps-plugin jar google-app-engine-jps-plugin
gradle jar gradle
gradle-jps-plugin jar gradle-jps-plugin
gradle-tooling-extension-api jar gradle-tooling-extension-api
gradle-tooling-extension-impl jar gradle-tooling-extension-impl
groovy-jps-plugin jar groovy-jps-plugin
groovy-psi jar groovy-psi
groovy_rt jar groovy_rt
groovy-rt-constants jar groovy-rt-constants
hg4idea jar hg4idea
icons jar icons
idea-ui jar idea-ui
images jar images
indexing-api jar indexing-api
indexing-impl jar indexing-impl
instrumentation-util jar instrumentation-util
IntelliLang jar IntelliLang
IntelliLang-java jar IntelliLang-java
intellilang-jps-plugin jar intellilang-jps-plugin
IntelliLang-python jar IntelliLang-python
IntelliLang-xml jar IntelliLang-xml
interactive-learning jar interactive-learning
interactive-learning-python jar interactive-learning-python
ipnb jar ipnb
java-analysis-api jar java-analysis-api
java-analysis-impl jar java-analysis-impl
javac2 jar javac2
javacvs-src jar javacvs-src
java-decompiler-plugin jar java-decompiler-plugin
javaFX-CE jar javaFX-CE
javaFX-jps-plugin jar javaFX-jps-plugin
java-i18n jar java-i18n
java-impl jar java-impl
java-indexing-api jar java-indexing-api
java-indexing-impl jar java-indexing-impl
java-psi-impl jar java-psi-impl
java-runtime jar java-runtime
java-structure-view jar java-structure-view
jetgroovy jar jetgroovy
jira jar jira
jps-builders jar jps-builders
jps-launcher jar jps-launcher
jps-model-api jar jps-model-api
jps-model-impl jar jps-model-impl
jps-model-serialization jar jps-model-serialization
jps-plugin-system jar jps-plugin-system
jps-standalone-builder jar jps-standalone-builder
jsp-base-openapi jar jsp-base-openapi
jsp-openapi jar jsp-openapi
jsp-spi jar jsp-spi
junit jar junit
junit_rt jar junit_rt
lang-api jar lang-api
lang-impl jar lang-impl
layoutlib-api jar layoutlib-api
lint-api jar lint-api
lint-checks jar lint-checks
lvcs-api jar lvcs-api
lvcs-impl jar lvcs-impl
manifest jar manifest
manifest-merger jar manifest-merger
maven jar maven
maven2-server-impl jar maven2-server-impl
maven30-server-impl jar maven30-server-impl
maven32-server-impl jar maven32-server-impl
maven3-server-common jar maven3-server-common
maven-artifact-resolver-m2 jar maven-artifact-resolver-m2
maven-artifact-resolver-m3 jar maven-artifact-resolver-m3
maven-artifact-resolver-m31 jar maven-artifact-resolver-m31
maven-jps-plugin jar maven-jps-plugin
maven-server-api jar maven-server-api
ninepatch jar ninepatch
openapi jar openapi
perflib jar perflib
platform-api jar platform-api
platform-impl jar platform-impl
platform-main jar platform-main
platform-resources jar platform-resources
platform-resources-en jar platform-resources-en
projectModel-api jar projectModel-api
projectModel-impl jar projectModel-impl
properties jar properties
properties-psi-api jar properties-psi-api
properties-psi-impl jar properties-psi-impl
protocol-reader-runtime jar protocol-reader-runtime
python-community jar python-community
python-community-build jar python-community-build
python-community-plugin jar python-community-plugin
python-edu-build jar python-edu-build
python-educational jar python-educational
python-helpers jar python-helpers
python-ide-community jar python-ide-community
python-openapi jar python-openapi
python-plugin-tests jar python-plugin-tests
python-psi-api jar python-psi-api
python-pydev jar python-pydev
python-rest jar python-rest
RegExpSupport jar RegExpSupport
relaxng jar relaxng
remote-servers-agent-rt jar remote-servers-agent-rt
remote-servers-api jar remote-servers-api
remote-servers-git jar remote-servers-git
remote-servers-impl jar remote-servers-impl
remote-servers-java-api jar remote-servers-java-api
remote-servers-java-impl jar remote-servers-java-impl
resources jar resources
resources-en jar resources-en
rest jar rest
script-debugger-backend jar script-debugger-backend
script-debugger-ui jar script-debugger-ui
sdk-common jar sdk-common
sdklib jar sdklib
ShortcutPromoter jar ShortcutPromoter
smartcvs-src jar smartcvs-src
smRunner jar smRunner
spellchecker jar spellchecker
structuralsearch jar structuralsearch
structuralsearch-groovy jar structuralsearch-groovy
structuralsearch-java jar structuralsearch-java
structure-view-api jar structure-view-api
structure-view-impl jar structure-view-impl
svn4idea jar svn4idea
tasks-api jar tasks-api
tasks-core jar tasks-core
tasks-java jar tasks-java
terminal jar terminal
testFramework jar testFramework
testFramework-java jar testFramework-java
testng jar testng
testRunner jar testRunner
tests_bootstrap jar tests_bootstrap
typeMigration jar typeMigration
ui-designer-jps-plugin jar ui-designer-jps-plugin
usageView jar usageView
util jar util
util-rt jar util-rt
vcs-api jar vcs-api
vcs-api-core jar vcs-api-core
vcs-impl jar vcs-impl
vcs-log-api jar vcs-log-api
vcs-log-graph jar vcs-log-graph
vcs-log-graph-api jar vcs-log-graph-api
vcs-log-impl jar vcs-log-impl
xdebugger-api jar xdebugger-api
xdebugger-impl jar xdebugger-impl
xml jar xml
xml-analysis-api jar xml-analysis-api
xml-analysis-impl jar xml-analysis-impl
xml-openapi jar xml-openapi
xml-psi-api jar xml-psi-api
xml-psi-impl jar xml-psi-impl
xml-structure-view-api jar xml-structure-view-api
xml-structure-view-impl jar xml-structure-view-impl
xpath jar xpath
xslt-debugger jar xslt-debugger
xslt-debugger-engine jar xslt-debugger-engine
xslt-debugger-engine-impl jar xslt-debugger-engine-impl
adt-branding jar adt-branding
xslt-rt jar xslt-rt
analysis-api jar analysis-api
analysis-impl jar analysis-impl
android jar android
android-annotations jar android-annotations
android-common jar android-common
android-gradle-jps jar android-gradle-jps
android-jps-plugin jar android-jps-plugin
android-rt jar android-rt
annotations jar annotations
annotations-common jar annotations-common
ant jar ant
ant-jps-plugin jar ant-jps-plugin

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