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fresh name packaging artifact id
common-base jar common-base
common-base2 jar common-base2
common-cli jar common-cli
faceapi-base jar faceapi-base
common-thrift jar common-thrift
codegen jar codegen-base
codegen-annotations jar codegen-annotations
common-image jar common-image
dtalk base jar dtalk-base
jimgutil jar jimgutil
common-bean jar common-bean
dtalk menu engine jar dtalk-engine
simplemq base jar simplemq-base
sql2java manager jar sql2java-manager
simplemq pom simplemq
common-thrifty jar common-thrifty
dtalk common for redis jar dtalk-common-redis
common-swift-metadata jar common-swift-metadata
common-image-android jar common-image-android
codegen-wsdl jar codegen-wsdl
sql2java-base jar sql2java-base
gflicense-netreg jar gflicense-netreg
facelog interface definition and common module jar facelog-base
dtalk common for activemq jar dtalk-common-activemq
facelog client common module jar facelog-client-base
codegen-decorator jar codegen-decorator
codegen-thrift jar codegen-thrift
faceapi thrift service jar faceapi-thriftservice
mtfsdk-android-common jar mtfsdk-android-common
common library for facelib sdk jar facelib-jni
dtalk cmd/task manager jar dtalk-cmd
javadoc reader jar javadocreader
facedb-base jar facedb-base
facelog service start and http service supported jar facelog-service
sql2java generator jar sql2java-generator
faceapi thrift client jar faceapi-client
facelog interface local implementation jar facelog-local
faceapi thrift service jar faceapi-service
facelog client base Apache/thrift jar facelog-client
mtfsdk android base project for arm jar mtfsdk-android-arm-base
dtalk client (text console) jar dtalk-client
faceapi thrift client jar faceapi-thriftclient
simplemq mqtt implementation jar simplemq-mqtt
facelog-db-base jar facelog-db-base
swift-service-parser jar swift-service-parser
mtfsdk base project for x86 jar mtfsdk-base
facelog database(MySQL) operation library jar facelog-db2
zyfsdk android base project for arm jar zyfsdk-android-arm-base
sql2java-stor jar sql2java-store
simplemq redis implementation jar simplemq-redis
common javadoc reader jar common-javadocreader
facedb-local jar facedb-local
cassdk-base jar cassdk-base
NanoHttpd-Core jar nanohttpd
authkernel database(MySQl) operation library jar authkernel-db
facedb-db jar facedb-db
facelog-db-orm jar facelog-db-orm
simplemq jms implementation jar simplemq-jms
authkernel-common jar authkernel-common
Stilts Stomp Common API jar stilts-stomp-api
Stilts Stomp Client jar stilts-stomp-client
facelog-db-manager jar facelog-db-manager
simplemq amqp implementation jar simplemq-amqp
QpidJMS Client jar qpid-jms-client
Stilts Stomp Common (Client and Server) jar stilts-stomp-common
mtfsdk based faceapi service jar mtfsdk-service
facelog-db pom facelog-db
cassdk jna bridge jar cassdk-bridge
cassdk-service jar cassdk-service
cassdk-wrapper-service jar cassdk-wrapper-service
cassdk jna bridge wrappper jar cassdk-wrapper
NanoHttpd-Websocket jar nanohttpd-websocket
idl-generator-cli jar idl-generator-cli
mtfsdk based facedb service jar mtfsdk-dbservice
facedb thrift service jar facedb-service
authkernel core client jar akcore
simplemq activemq implementation jar simplemq-activemq
facedb thrift client jar facedb-client
base live face detection for android jar facelive-android-base
Stilts STOMP Server SPI jar stilts-stomp-server-spi
Stilts STOMP Server Core jar stilts-stomp-server-core
facedb-db-base jar facedb-db-base
NanoHttpd-Webserver jar nanohttpd-webserver
simplemq stomp implementation jar simplemq-stomp
facedb-db-manager jar facedb-db-manager
facelog-db2-base jar facelog-db2-base
Stilts Conduit Server SPI jar stilts-conduit-server-spi
QpidJMS Discovery Library jar qpid-jms-discovery
facelog-db2-manager jar facelog-db2-manager
common-worker jar common-worker
local database for facedb apps jar u4fdb-db
facedb-db-orm jar facedb-db-orm
sql2java maven plugin maven-plugin sql2java-maven-plugin
Apache Qpid JMS pom apache-qpid-jms
app authorize library of facelib jar appauth
authkernel aggregator pom authkernel
fs database(MySQl) operation library jar authkernel-fsdb
maskface database(MySQl) operation library jar authkernel-mfdb
cassdk pom cassdk
cassdk pom cassdk-android
cassdk android for arm jar cassdk-android-arm
cassdk-service-maven-plugin maven-plugin cassdk-service-maven-plugin
cassdk-wrapper-service-maven-plugin maven-plugin cassdk-wrapper-service-maven-plugin
codegen aggregator pom codegen
codegen-decorator-maven-plugin maven-plugin codegen-decorator-maven-plugin
codegen-generic jar codegen-generic
codegen-service jar codegen-service
codegen-thrift-maven-plugin maven-plugin codegen-thrift-maven-plugin
codegen-webclient jar codegen-webclient
common aggregator pom common
common-jmx jar common-jmx
decorator-maven-plugin maven-plugin decorator-maven-plugin
dtalk pom dtalk
dtalk demo(device emulator) jar dtalk-demo
faceapi pom faceapi
faceapi thrift client for android jar faceapi-client-android
faceapi C++ client jar faceapi-rpc-cpp
faceapi thrift client for android jar faceapi-thriftclient-android
facedb aggregator pom facedb
facedb thrift client base Microsoft/thrifty jar facedb-client-android
facedb C++ client jar facedb-rpc-cpp
facedb-sqlite jar facedb-sqlite
facedb thrift client jar facedb-thriftclient
facedb thrift client base Microsoft/thrifty jar facedb-thriftclient-android
facedb thrift service jar facedb-thriftservice
facelib live face detection jar facelive
live face detection pom facelive-root
facelog aggregator pom facelog
facelog client base Microsoft/thrifty jar facelog-client-android
facelog C++ client jar facelog-client-cpp
dtalk engine/console demonstrate base facelog jar facelog-dtalk-demo
maven plugin for run facelog service maven-plugin facelogservice-maven-plugin
gflicense pom gflicense
idl-generator aggregator pom idl-generator
jimgutil-root pom jimgutil-root
mtfsdk for x86 platform pom mtfsdk
mtfsdk for android pom mtfsdk-android
mtfsdk android for arm(online license) jar mtfsdk-android-arm
mtfsdk android for arm(local license) jar mtfsdk-android-arm-local
mtfsdk-android-v1 jar mtfsdk-android-v1
mtfsdk-android-v2 jar mtfsdk-android-v2
mtfsdk-client jar mtfsdk-client
mtfsdk-dbservice-maven-plugin maven-plugin mtfsdk-dbservice-maven-plugin
mtfsdk-service-maven-plugin maven-plugin mtfsdk-service-maven-plugin
NanoHttpd-apache file upload integration jar nanohttpd-apache-fileupload
NanoHttpd-nano application server jar nanohttpd-nanolets
NanoHttpd-Project pom nanohttpd-project
NanoHttpd-Samples jar nanohttpd-samples
NanoHttpd-Webserver-Markdown-Plugin jar nanohttpd-webserver-markdown-plugin
QpidJMS pom qpid-jms-parent
simplemq openwire implementation jar simplemq-openwire
SKCAP(SKCAP authorized port) jar skcap
SKCAP(SKCAP authorized port)Enterprise jar skcap-ent
sql2java pom sql2java
Stilts pom stilts
Stilts Conduit Server Core jar stilts-conduit-server-core
Stilts Javascript STOMP Client jar stilts-stomp-client-js
Stilts Stomplet API jar stilts-stomplet-api
swift2thrift-maven-plugin maven-plugin swift2thrift-maven-plugin
maven plugin for Microsoft/thrifty compiler maven-plugin thrifty-compiler-maven-plugin
utilities for facedb pom u4fdb
facedb apps jar u4fdb-apps
zyfsdk for android pom zyfsdk-android
zyfsdk android for arm(online license) jar zyfsdk-android-arm

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