group: com.gitblit.fathom

fresh name packaging artifact id
Fathom Test Tools jar fathom-test-tools
Fathom-Core jar fathom-core
Fathom-Security jar fathom-security
Fathom-Metrics jar fathom-metrics
Fathom-REST jar fathom-rest
Fathom-REST Security jar fathom-rest-security
Fathom-XMLRPC jar fathom-xmlrpc
Fathom-JCache jar fathom-jcache
Fathom-Security LDAP Realm jar fathom-security-ldap
Fathom-Security JDBC Realm jar fathom-security-jdbc
Fathom-Security Htpasswd Realm jar fathom-security-htpasswd
Fathom-Mailer jar fathom-mailer
Fathom-Quartz jar fathom-quartz
Fathom-EventBus jar fathom-eventbus
Fathom-REST Swagger jar fathom-rest-swagger
Fathom-JMX jar fathom-jmx
Fathom-XMLRPC Test jar fathom-xmlrpc-test
Fathom-REST Test jar fathom-rest-test
Fathom-X509 jar fathom-x509
Fathom-Metrics Librato Reporter jar fathom-metrics-librato
Fathom-Metrics InfluxDB Reporter jar fathom-metrics-influxdb
Fathom-Security Keycloak Realm jar fathom-security-keycloak
Fathom-Metrics Graphite Reporter jar fathom-metrics-graphite
Fathom-Security PAM Realm jar fathom-security-pam
Fathom-Security Redis Realm jar fathom-security-redis
Fathom-Security Windows Realm jar fathom-security-windows
Fathom-Metrics Ganglia Reporter jar fathom-metrics-ganglia
Integration Test Application jar fathom-integration-test
Fathom-REST Shiro Security jar fathom-rest-shiro
Fathom Standard Archetype maven-archetype fathom-archetype-standard
Fathom Parent pom fathom-parent

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