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fresh name packaging artifact id
core jar scalafmt-core_2.11
typesafe jar metaconfig-typesafe-config_2.12
core jar metaconfig-core_2.12
typesafe jar metaconfig-typesafe-config_2.11
core jar metaconfig-core_2.11
typesafe jar metaconfig-typesafe-config_2.13
cli jar scalafmt-cli_2.11
core jar metaconfig-core_2.13
junit-interface jar junit-interface
core jar scalafmt-core_2.12
hocon jar metaconfig-hocon_sjs0.6_2.11
hocon jar metaconfig-hocon_sjs0.6_2.12
core jar metaconfig-core_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar metaconfig-core_sjs0.6_2.12
cli jar scalafmt-cli_2.12
small jar coursier-small_2.12
utils jar scalafmt-utils_2.11
macros jar scalafmt-macros_2.11
metaconfig jar metaconfig_2.11
testUtils jar scalafmt-test-utils_2.11
common jar common_2.11
docs jar metaconfig-docs_2.12
runtime jar mdoc-runtime_2.12
trees jar trees_2.11
inputs jar inputs_2.11
dialects jar dialects_2.11
docs jar metaconfig-docs_2.11
small jar coursier-small_2.11
typesafe jar metaconfig-typesafe-config_3
mdoc jar mdoc_2.12.6
json jar metaconfig-json_2.12
core jar metaconfig-core_native0.4_2.13
core jar metaconfig-core_sjs1_2.12
core jar metaconfig-core_sjs1_2.13
utils jar scalafmt-utils_2.12
core jar metaconfig-core_native0.4_2.12
tokens jar tokens_2.11
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_2.13
tokenizers jar tokenizers_2.11
core jar metaconfig-core_3
json jar metaconfig-json_2.11
parsers jar parsers_2.11
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_2.12
interfaces jar scalafmt-interfaces
runtime jar vork-runtime_2.12
artifacts jar artifacts_2.11
hocon jar metaconfig-hocon_2.12
hocon jar metaconfig-hocon_2.11
core jar metaconfig-core_sjs1_3
dynamic jar scalafmt-dynamic_2.12
dynamic jar scalafmt-dynamic_2.11
monadic-rx jar monadic-rx_sjs1_2.12
inline jar inline_2.11
mdoc jar mdoc_2.12.7
json jar metaconfig-json_2.13
monadic-rx jar monadic-rx_sjs1_2.13
quasiquotes jar quasiquotes_2.11
semantic jar semantic_2.11
transversers jar transversers_2.11
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_2.12
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_2.13
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_3
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_native0.4_2.12
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_native0.4_2.13
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_sjs1_2.12
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_sjs1_2.13
pprint jar metaconfig-pprint_sjs1_3
mdoc jar mdoc_2.12.8
mdoc jar mdoc_2.12
monadic-rx-cats jar monadic-rx-cats_sjs1_2.12
monadic-rx-cats jar monadic-rx-cats_sjs1_2.13
fastparse-utils jar fastparse-utils_sjs0.6_2.12
bsp4j jar bsp4j
fastparse-utils jar fastparse-utils_sjs0.6_2.11
fastparse-utils jar fastparse-utils_native0.3_2.11
fastparse-utils jar fastparse-utils_2.12
fastparse-utils jar fastparse-utils_2.11
bsp4s jar bsp4s_2.12
core jar metaconfig-core_native0.3_2.11
vork jar vork_2.12
funsuite jar funsuite_2.12
monadic-html jar monadic-html_sjs1_2.12
monadic-html jar monadic-html_sjs1_2.13
tiny-router jar tiny-router_sjs0.6_2.10
tiny-router jar tiny-router_sjs0.6_2.11
funsuite jar funsuite_2.11
vork jar vork_2.12.6
Paradise_2.11.8 jar paradise_2.11.8
codegen jar codegen_2.11
bsp-testkit jar bsp-testkit_2.12
readme jar readme_2.11
sbt-big jar sbt
sbt-big jar sbt-big
plugin jar sbt-ci-release_2.12_1.0
scalafmt-cli-sbt jar sbt-cli-scalafmt_2.12_1.0
docs jar sbt-docusaurus-docs_2.12
sbt-idea-plugin jar sbt-idea-plugin_2.10_0.13
scalafmtSbt jar sbt-scalafmt_2.10_0.13
sbt-scalafmt jar sbt-scalafmt_2.12
plugin jar sbt-scalafmt_2.12_1.0
scalafmt-sbt jar sbt-scalafmt_2.12_1.0.0-M5
scala-db-codegen jar scala-db-codegen_2.11
root jar scalafmt_2.11
benchmarks jar scalafmt-benchmarks_2.11
big jar scalafmt-big_2.12
bootstrap jar scalafmt-bootstrap_2.10
bootstrap jar scalafmt-bootstrap_2.11
website jar website_2.12
metaconfig jar metaconfig_2.12
docs jar metaconfig-docs_2.13
core jar metaconfig-core_sjs0.6_2.13
core jar scalafmt-core_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar scalafmt-core_sjs0.6_2.12
fastparse jar fastparse_sjs0.6_2.12
fastparse jar fastparse_sjs0.6_2.11
fastparse jar fastparse_native0.3_2.11
fastparse jar fastparse_2.12
fastparse jar fastparse_2.11
rules jar example-scalafix-rule_2.12
small jar coursier-small_2.10
scalameta jar scalameta_2.11
framework jar scalatest-framework_2.12
website jar website_2.11
Test Agent jar test-agent
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_2.11
lsp jar mdoc-lsp_2.12
tiny-router jar tiny-router_2.10
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_3
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_native0.3_2.11
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_native0.4_2.12
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_native0.4_2.13
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_sjs1_2.12
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_sjs1_2.13
sconfig jar metaconfig-sconfig_sjs1_3
tiny-router jar tiny-router_2.11
intellij jar intellij_2.11
funsuite jar funsuite_2.13

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