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fresh name packaging artifact id
Alexandria Java jar ax-java
Alexandria Test jar ax-test
Alexandria ADTs jar ax-adt
Alexandria Reflection jar ax-reflection
Alexandria Command jar ax-command
Alexandria Analysis jar ax-analysis
Alexandria Collection jar ax-collection
Alexandria Wizard jar ax-wizard
Alexandria Filesystem jar ax-filesystem
Alexandria Type jar ax-type
Alexandria Service jar ax-service
Alexandria Annotations jar ax-annotations
Alexandria Log API jar ax-log-api
Alexandria Log jar ax-log
Alexandria Finite State Machine jar ax-fsm
Alexandria Filesystem Test jar ax-filesystem-test
Alexandria Metadata jar ax-metadata
Alexandria Record jar ax-record
Alexandria Media jar ax-media
Alexandria Parsing jar ax-parse
Alexandria pom alexandria
Alexandria Memory Filesystem jar ax-filesystem-memory
Alexandria Finite State Machine Test jar ax-fsm-test
Alexandria Environment jar ax-environment
Alexandria Project pom ax-project
Alexandria Compiler jar ax-compiler
Alexandria Root pom ax-root
Alexandria Expression jar ax-expression

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