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fresh name packaging artifact id
Client Cluster Runtime jar runtime-client-cluster
Relay Runtime jar runtime-relay
Event Consumer jar client-event-consumer
Runtime jar runtime
Client Runtime jar runtime-client
Sample Client Common jar sample-client-common
Client Bootstrap Producer Runtime jar runtime-client-bootstrap-producer
avro-schema-generator jar avro-schema-generator
Bootstrap Runtime jar runtime-bootstrap
Mysql event producer jar mysql-producer
Console Appender Data Layer jar data-layer-console-appender
Snapshot Serializer Runtime jar runtime-snapshot-serializer
Elastic Search Data Layer jar data-layer-elastic-search
Bootstrap Blocking Runtime jar runtime-blocking-bootstrap
Hbase WAL Edits event producer jar hbase-producer
Blocking Bootstrap MySQL Producer jar blocking-bootstrap-mysql-producer
MySQL Data Layer jar data-layer-mysql
HBase Data Layer jar data-layer-hbase
Serialized state diff event producer jar diff-producer
Kafka Data Layer jar data-layer-kafka
Sample Snapshot Serializer jar sample-snapshot-serializer
Sample Bootstrap Server jar sample-bootstrap-server
Sample Client jar sample-client
Sample Client Bootstrap Producer jar sample-client-bootstrap-producer
Sample Client Cluster jar sample-client-cluster
Sample Client for MYSQL Relay sample-client-mysql-relay
Sample Console Appender Client Cluster jar sample-console-appender-client-cluster-consumer
Sample Relay with Diff Event Producer jar sample-diff-relay
Sample Elastic Search Client Cluster jar sample-elastic-search-client-cluster-consumer
Sample HBase Client Cluster Consumer jar sample-hbase-client-cluster-consumer
Sample Relay with HBase WAL edits Producer jar sample-hbase-relay
Sample Kafka Client Cluster jar sample-kafka-client-cluster-consumer
Sample Client Cluster jar sample-mapper-processor-nesting-client
Sample Relay with In-memory Producer jar sample-memory-relay
Sample Blocking Bootstrap with MySQL Producer and Consumer jar sample-mysql-mysql-blocking-bootstrap
Sample Relay with MySQL Producer jar sample-mysql-relay
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