logo group: com.facebook.fresco

fresh name packaging artifact id
Fresco aar fresco
Facebook Core aar fbcore
ImagePipeline aar imagepipeline
ImagePipelineBase aar imagepipeline-base
ImagePipeline-OkHttp 3 Integration aar imagepipeline-okhttp3
WebpSupport aar webpsupport
AnimatedGif aar animated-gif
Drawee aar drawee
AnimatedBase aar animated-base
AnimatedWebp aar animated-webp
ImagePipelineBaseTest aar imagepipeline-base-test
ImagePipelineTest aar imagepipeline-test
AnimatedDrawable aar animated-drawable
Facebook Stetho aar stetho
Fresco Flipper plugin aar flipper
ImagePipelineNative aar imagepipeline-native
MemoryTypeNative aar memory-type-native
MemoryTypesAshmem aar memory-type-ashmem
MemoryTypeJava aar memory-type-java
ImagePipeline-OkHttp Integration aar imagepipeline-okhttp
UiCommon aar ui-common
NativeImageTranscoder aar nativeimagetranscoder
VitoCore aar vito-core
AnimatedBaseTest aar animated-base-test
VitoOptions aar vito-options
NativeImageFilters aar nativeimagefilters
VitoSource aar vito-source
AnimatedBaseSupport aar animated-base-support
VitoProvider aar vito-provider
Middleware aar middleware
FrescoSoloader aar soloader
VitoView aar vito-view
VitoDraweeSupport aar vito-drawee-support
VitoNative aar vito-native
Drawee-Volley Integration aar drawee-volley
VitoLitho aar vito-litho-slideshow
DraweeSpan aar drawee-span
ImagePipeline-Volley Integration aar imagepipeline-volley
VitoLiveEditor aar vito-tools-liveeditor
VitoInit aar vito
Viewport aar viewport
AnimatedGifLite aar animated-gif-lite
VitoKtx aar vito-ktx
VitoLitho aar vito-litho

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