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fresh name packaging artifact id
error-reporting-java jar error-reporting-java
Test containers for Exasol on Docker jar exasol-testcontainers
Common module of Exasol Virtual Schemas Adapters jar virtual-schema-common-java
Matcher for SQL Result Sets jar hamcrest-resultset-matcher
Virtual Schema Common JDBC jar virtual-schema-common-jdbc
Test utilities for `java.util.logging` jar java-util-logging-testing
Maven Project Version Getter jar maven-project-version-getter
Maven Plugin Integration Testing jar maven-plugin-integration-testing
Test Database Builder for Java jar test-db-builder-java
BucketFS Java jar bucketfs-java
udf-debugging-java jar udf-debugging-java
Common Virtual Schema for document data jar virtual-schema-common-document
Exasol SQL Statement Builder jar sql-statement-builder
database-cleaner jar database-cleaner
Exasol Database fundamentals for Java jar db-fundamentals-java
Error Code Model Java jar error-code-model-java
Parquet for Java jar parquet-io-java
exasol-test-setup-abstraction-java jar exasol-test-setup-abstraction-java
Exasol SQL Statement Builder jar sql-statement-builder-java8
Performance Test Recorder Java jar performance-test-recorder-java
virtual-schema-shared-integration-tests jar virtual-schema-shared-integration-tests
Autogenerated resource verifier jar autogenerated-resource-verifier-java
CI Isolation AWS jar ci-isolation-aws
error-code-crawler-maven-plugin maven-plugin error-code-crawler-maven-plugin
exasol-version-number-provider jar exasol-version-number-provider
Exasol Virtual Schema jar exasol-virtual-schema
import-export-udf-common-scala jar import-export-udf-common-scala_2.12
import-export-udf-common-scala jar import-export-udf-common-scala_2.13
Project keeper maven plugin maven-plugin project-keeper-maven-plugin
spark-exasol-connector jar spark-connector_2.11
spark-exasol-connector jar spark-connector_2.12
Virtual Schema for document data in files jar virtual-schema-common-document-files
Artifact reference checker and unifier maven-plugin artifact-reference-checker-maven-plugin

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