group: com.eduworks

fresh name packaging artifact id
Ew.levr.core jar ew.levr.core
Ew.common jar ew.common jar
ec.base jar ec.base
ebac.repository jar ebac.repository
ec.crypto jar ec.crypto
Ew.ontology jar ew.ontology
Ew.levr.db.skyrepo jar ew.levr.db.skyrepo
Ew.db.couchdb jar ew.db.couchdb
org.json-ld jar org.json-ld
Ew.distributed jar ew.distributed
Ew.db.mapdb jar ew.db.mapdb
Ew.levr.base jar ew.levr.base jar
org.cassproject.schema.general jar org.cassproject.schema.general
org.schema jar org.schema
Ew.levr.db.mapdb jar ew.levr.db.mapdb
org.cassproject.schema.ebac jar org.cassproject.schema.ebac
Ew.levr.rdf jar ew.levr.rdf
Cass.competency jar cass.competency
org.cassproject.schema.cass jar org.cassproject.schema.cass
Cass.rollup jar cass.rollup
org.credentialengine jar org.credentialengine
ebac.identity jar ebac.identity
ec.service.task jar ec.service.task
Ew.levr.db.couchbase jar ew.levr.db.couchbase
Ew.levr.db.couchdb jar ew.levr.db.couchdb
Eduworks Controller pom ec
Ew.levr.db.sql jar ew.levr.db.sql
Ew.levr.distributed jar ew.levr.distributed
Ew.levr.ebac.skyid jar ew.levr.ebac.skyid
Ew.levr.lang.english jar ew.levr.lang.english
com.eduworks.schema jar com.eduworks.schema
Ew.levr.ontology jar ew.levr.ontology jar cfd.competency
Ew.levr.service.paypal jar ew.levr.service.paypal
Ew.levr.service.solr jar ew.levr.service.solr
Cass.rollup.ctdl jar cass.rollup.ctdl
org.angles.schema.angles jar org.angles.schema.angles
cass.adapter jar cass.adapter
cass.import jar cass.import
com.eduworks.schema.pebl jar pebl.eXtension
Eduworks Open Source pom ew
pebl.eXtension.schema jar pebl.eXtension.schema
ec.ui.framework jar ec.ui.framework
ec.base jar ec.task
Ew.image jar ew.image
ec.service.user jar ec.service.user
Ew.levr.code jar ew.levr.code

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