group: com.eclipsesource.jaxrs

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jersey All (Rebundled) jar jersey-all
Jersey Min (Rebundled) jar jersey-min
OSGi JAX-RS Gson Provider jar provider-gson
OSGi JAX-RS Consumer jar consumer
Jersey All (Rebundled) jar swagger-all
OSGi JAX-RS Publisher jar publisher
OSGi JAX-RS Features xml features
OSGi JAX-RS Multipart Provider jar provider-multipart
OSGi JAX-RS Security Provider jar provider-security
OSGi JAX-RS SSE Provider jar provider-sse
OSGi JAX-RS Swagger Provider jar provider-swagger
OSGi JAX-RS Pom pom osgi-jax-rs-connector-pom
OSGi JAX-RS Moxy Provider jar provider-moxy

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