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fresh name packaging artifact id
endpoints jar endpoints
aws-api jar api
s3 jar s3
ec2 jar ec2
iam jar iam
dynamodb jar dynamodb
sqs jar sqs
logs jar logs
cloudformation jar cloudformation
resourcegroupstaggingapi jar resourcegroupstaggingapi
autoscaling jar autoscaling
rds jar rds
kms jar kms
sts jar sts
sns jar sns
ecs jar ecs
ecr jar ecr
apigatewayv2 jar apigatewayv2
eks jar eks
qldb jar qldb
qldb-session jar qldb-session
cloudfront jar cloudfront
cognito-sync jar cognito-sync
honeycode jar honeycode
xray jar xray
runtime-lex-v2 jar runtime-lex-v2
memorydb jar memorydb
mediapackage-vod jar mediapackage-vod
health jar health
appsync jar appsync
finspace jar finspace
budgets jar budgets
migrationhub-config jar migrationhub-config
lookoutvision jar lookoutvision
appstream jar appstream
connect jar connect
sdb jar sdb
route53domains jar route53domains
opsworkscm jar opsworkscm
shield jar shield
schemas jar schemas
s3control jar s3control
macie jar macie
codestar-notifications jar codestar-notifications
codestar-connections jar codestar-connections
pricing jar pricing
guardduty jar guardduty
runtime-sagemaker jar runtime-sagemaker
rekognition jar rekognition
appmesh jar appmesh
mobile jar mobile
sso-admin jar sso-admin
kinesis-video-archived-media jar kinesis-video-archived-media
polly jar polly
wafv2 jar wafv2
elasticache jar elasticache
AWSMigrationHub jar AWSMigrationHub
apprunner jar apprunner
AWSApplicationCostProfiler jar AWSApplicationCostProfiler
glacier jar glacier
robomaker jar robomaker
comprehend jar comprehend
iotsitewise jar iotsitewise
glue jar glue
emr-containers jar emr-containers
importexport jar importexport
sagemaker jar sagemaker
kafka jar kafka
mgn jar mgn
sagemaker-a2i-runtime jar sagemaker-a2i-runtime
cloudsearch jar cloudsearch
snow-device-management jar snow-device-management
connectparticipant jar connectparticipant
servicecatalog jar servicecatalog
wellarchitected jar wellarchitected
greengrassv2 jar greengrassv2
sms jar sms
sagemaker-featurestore-runtime jar sagemaker-featurestore-runtime
workdocs jar workdocs
pinpoint-sms-voice jar pinpoint-sms-voice
ebs jar ebs
pi jar pi
states jar states
fis jar fis
sso-oidc jar sso-oidc
appintegrations jar appintegrations
swf jar swf
savingsplans jar savingsplans
medialive jar medialive
ivs jar ivs
apigatewaymanagementapi jar apigatewaymanagementapi
kinesis-video-signaling jar kinesis-video-signaling
directconnect jar directconnect
detective jar detective
codeartifact jar codeartifact
iotsecuretunneling jar iotsecuretunneling
elastictranscoder jar elastictranscoder
kendra jar kendra
amplifybackend jar amplifybackend
codeguruprofiler jar codeguruprofiler
mwaa jar mwaa
globalaccelerator jar globalaccelerator
dax jar dax
iotthingsgraph jar iotthingsgraph
alexaforbusiness jar alexaforbusiness
route53-recovery-readiness jar route53-recovery-readiness
route53-recovery-control-config jar route53-recovery-control-config
route53-recovery-cluster jar route53-recovery-cluster
transfer jar transfer
ssm-contacts jar ssm-contacts
securityhub jar securityhub
mediatailor jar mediatailor
mediapackage jar mediapackage
macie2 jar macie2
kafkaconnect jar kafkaconnect
frauddetector jar frauddetector
firehose jar firehose
es jar es
cloudtrail jar cloudtrail
amp jar amp
accessanalyzer jar accessanalyzer
iotfleethub jar iotfleethub
nimble jar nimble
cognito-identity jar cognito-identity
appconfig jar appconfig
marketplace-catalog jar marketplace-catalog
sagemaker-edge jar sagemaker-edge
gamelift jar gamelift
servicediscovery jar servicediscovery
ssm-incidents jar ssm-incidents
sesv2 jar sesv2
lex-models jar lex-models
personalize jar personalize
lambda jar lambda
application-autoscaling jar application-autoscaling
synthetics jar synthetics
proton jar proton
waf jar waf
ssm jar ssm
apigateway jar apigateway
dms jar dms
amplify jar amplify
cloudhsmv2 jar cloudhsmv2
managedblockchain jar managedblockchain
iot-jobs-data jar iot-jobs-data
service-quotas jar service-quotas
dlm jar dlm
imagebuilder jar imagebuilder
neptune jar neptune
pinpoint jar pinpoint
models-lex-v2 jar models-lex-v2
customer-profiles jar customer-profiles
mediaconvert jar mediaconvert
chime-sdk-identity jar chime-sdk-identity
braket jar braket
elasticloadbalancingv2 jar elasticloadbalancingv2
iot-data jar iot-data
elasticbeanstalk jar elasticbeanstalk
route53 jar route53
AWS242AppRegistry jar AWS242AppRegistry
iotevents jar iotevents
timestream-write jar timestream-write
textract jar textract
iot1click-projects jar iot1click-projects
network-firewall jar network-firewall
lookoutmetrics jar lookoutmetrics
s3outposts jar s3outposts
auditmanager jar auditmanager
config jar config
profile jar profile
worklink jar worklink
ecr-public jar ecr-public
redshift jar redshift
connect-contact-lens jar connect-contact-lens
application-insights jar application-insights
devices jar devices
discovery jar discovery
forecastquery jar forecastquery
elastic-inference jar elastic-inference
machinelearning jar machinelearning
elasticloadbalancing jar elasticloadbalancing
support jar support
codecommit jar codecommit
ec2-instance-connect jar ec2-instance-connect
forecast jar forecast
mq jar mq
compute-optimizer jar compute-optimizer
athena jar athena
mediaconnect jar mediaconnect
personalize-runtime jar personalize-runtime
timestream-query jar timestream-query
batch jar batch
codepipeline jar codepipeline
resource-groups jar resource-groups
location jar location
iotevents-data jar iotevents-data
appflow jar appflow
translate jar translate
docdb jar docdb
storagegateway jar storagegateway
inspector jar inspector
ram jar ram
rds-data jar rds-data
workspaces jar workspaces
outposts jar outposts
lookoutequipment jar lookoutequipment
lightsail jar lightsail
transcribe jar transcribe
signer jar signer
waf-regional jar waf-regional
autoscaling-plans jar autoscaling-plans
workmailmessageflow jar workmailmessageflow
snowball jar snowball
streams-dynamodb jar streams-dynamodb
mobileanalytics jar mobileanalytics
codebuild jar codebuild
opsworks jar opsworks
groundstation jar groundstation
monitoring jar monitoring
kinesisanalytics jar kinesisanalytics
acm jar acm
devicefarm jar devicefarm
serverlessrepo jar serverlessrepo
marketplacecommerceanalytics jar marketplacecommerceanalytics
ds jar ds
kinesis-video-media jar kinesis-video-media
elasticfilesystem jar elasticfilesystem
mediastore-data jar mediastore-data
runtime-lex jar runtime-lex
cur jar cur
license-manager jar license-manager
secretsmanager jar secretsmanager
codedeploy jar codedeploy
events jar events
codestar jar codestar
elasticmapreduce jar elasticmapreduce
cloud9 jar cloud9
chime jar chime
personalize-events jar personalize-events
pinpoint-email jar pinpoint-email
comprehendmedical jar comprehendmedical
networkmanager jar networkmanager
route53resolver jar route53resolver
codeguru-reviewer jar codeguru-reviewer
iotdeviceadvisor jar iotdeviceadvisor
fms jar fms
backup jar backup
quicksight jar quicksight
clouddirectory jar clouddirectory
mediastore jar mediastore
cloudhsm jar cloudhsm
entitlement-marketplace jar entitlement-marketplace
sso jar sso
email jar email
greengrass jar greengrass
fsx jar fsx
iotwireless jar iotwireless
acm-pca jar acm-pca
meteringmarketplace jar meteringmarketplace
redshift-data jar redshift-data
iot jar iot
organizations jar organizations
datasync jar datasync
cloudsearchdomain jar cloudsearchdomain
identitystore jar identitystore
datapipeline jar datapipeline
healthlake jar healthlake
mturk-requester jar mturk-requester
kinesisvideo jar kinesisvideo
iotanalytics jar iotanalytics
lakeformation jar lakeformation
workmail jar workmail
devops-guru jar devops-guru
cognito-idp jar cognito-idp
kinesis jar kinesis
databrew jar databrew
kinesisanalyticsv2 jar kinesisanalyticsv2
opensearch jar opensearch
ce jar ce
eventbridge jar eventbridge
chime-sdk-messaging jar chime-sdk-messaging
dataexchange jar dataexchange

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