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fresh name packaging artifact id
CDH Hadoop Maven Wrapper pom hadoop-ant
CDH Hadoop root pom hadoop-root
Hive ant pom hive-ant
Sentry core jar sentry-core
Sentry Provider File jar sentry-provider-file
Sentry Binding for Hive jar sentry-binding-hive
CDH ZooKeeper root pom zookeeper-root
Pig ant pom pig-ant
ZooKeeper ant pom zookeeper-ant
Access core jar access-core
Sqoop ant pom sqoop-ant
Access Provider File jar access-provider-file
Access Binding for Hive jar access-binding-hive
KeyTrustee API Java Client jar keytrustee-api-client
KeyTrustee KeyProvider jar keytrusteekp
Keytrusteekp-root pom keytrusteekp-root
CDH root pom phoenix-root
CDH Pig root pom pig-root
Sentry pom sentry
Sentry Bindings pom sentry-binding
Sentry Distribution jar sentry-dist
Sentry Providers pom sentry-provider
Sentry Tests jar sentry-tests
Solr-upgrade jar solr-upgrade
CDH Sqoop root pom sqoop-root
CDH root pom ycsb-root
CDH root pom keytrusteehsm-root
Access Bindings pom access-binding
Access Distribution jar access-dist
Access Providers pom access-provider
Access Tests jar access-tests
CDH root pom cdh-root
Cloudera KeyProvider Main pom cloudera-keyprovider
DataFu ant pom datafu-ant
CDH Datafu root pom datafu-root
CDH Hive root pom hive-root
CDH root pom kafka-root
KeyTrustee API Client pom keytrustee-api-parent
KeyTrustee KeyProviders Assembly jar keytrustee-assembly
Access pom access

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