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fresh name packaging artifact id
Beadledom Testing jar beadledom-testing
Beadledom JAX-RS jar beadledom-jaxrs
Beadledom Client Example jar beadledom-client
Beadledom Generic Response - JAX-RS jar beadledom-jaxrs-genericresponse
Beadledom Common jar beadledom-common
Beadledom Configuration jar beadledom-configuration
Beadledom Resteasy Client Example API jar beadledom-client-example-api
Beadledom Guice jar beadledom-guice
Beadledom Jackson jar beadledom-jackson
Beadledom Generic Response - Resteasy jar beadledom-resteasy-genericresponse
Beadledom JSON Common jar beadledom-json-common
Beadledom Guice DynamicBindings jar beadledom-guice-dynamicbindings
Beadledom Health - Service jar beadledom-health
Beadledom Client - Guice jar beadledom-client-guice
Beadledom Client - Jackson jar beadledom-client-jackson
Beadledom Pagination jar beadledom-pagination
Beadledom-integration-api jar beadledom-integration-api
Beadledom Lifecycle jar beadledom-lifecycle
Beadledom Resteasy Client jar resteasy-client
Beadledom Core jar beadledom-core
Beadledom Health - Api jar beadledom-health-api
Beadledom Resteasy Client Example Client jar beadledom-client-example-client
Beadledom Resteasy Client Example Service jar beadledom-client-example-service
Beadledom Client Proxy - JAX-RS jar beadledom-jaxrs-clientproxy
Beadledom Lifecycle Governator jar beadledom-lifecycle-governator
Beadledom-swagger2 jar beadledom-swagger2
Beadledom Correlation jar beadledom-correlation
Beadledom Swagger1 jar beadledom-swagger1
Beadledom-integration-client jar beadledom-integration-client
Beadledom Swagger jar beadledom-swagger
Beadledom Resteasy jar beadledom-resteasy
Beadledom Stagemonitor jar beadledom-stagemonitor
Simple Service Archetype maven-archetype simple-service
Beadledom Bill of Materials (BOM) pom beadledom-bom
Beadledom Client/Service Examples pom beadledom-client-example
Beadledom Client pom beadledom-client-parent
Beadledom Client Integration Tests jar beadledom-client-test
Beadledom Health pom beadledom-health-parent
Beadledom Integration pom beadledom-integration
Beadledom Integration Service war beadledom-integration-service
Beadledom-integration-test jar beadledom-integration-test
Beadledom JOOQ jar beadledom-jooq
Beadledom New Relic JAX-RS jar beadledom-newrelic-jaxrs
Beadledom (Parent) pom beadledom-parent
Beadledom Documentation jar docs
Beadledom Archetype pom beadledom-archetype

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