group: com.cedarsoft.commons

fresh name packaging artifact id
commons.Test Utils jar test-utils
commons.XML Commons jar xml-commons
commons.Commons jar commons
commons.Crypt jar crypt
commons.Struct jar struct
commons.Registry jar registry
commons.Lookups jar lookup
commons.Object Access jar objectaccess
commons.Version jar version
commons.Cluster jar cluster
commons.Exceptions jar exceptions
commons.File jar file
commons.Application jar app
commons.Licenses jar license
commons.Execution jar execution
commons.Presenter jar presenter
commons.IO jar io
commons.Concurrent jar concurrent
commons.Renderer jar renderer
commons.ID Generators jar id
Serialization jar serialization
commons.Configuration jar configuration
Code Generation bundle codegen
commons.Image jar image
Serialization Tests jar serialization-test
Serialization Test Utils jar serialization-test-utils
commons.JavaFX jar javafx
commons.Provider jar provider
commons.Zip Utils jar zip
Swing Presenter jar swing-presenter
Legacy Utils pom legacy
commons.Lang jar lang
commons.Injection jar inject
commons.Repository jar repository
Rest Commons pom rest
RMI Integration jar rmi
commons.History jar history
Serialization Parent pom serialization-parent
Serialization Performance Tests jar serialization-performance-test
Serialization Stax Tests jar serialization-stax-test
commons.Guice jar guice
commons.Guava jar guava
Spring pom spring
String Conversion pom.lastUpdated string-conversion
commons.Exception Handling jar exception-handling
commons.Swing pom swing
Actions jar actions
Tags jar tags
Database pom db
commons.Time jar time
commons.Collections jar collections
commons.Workflow jar workflow
commons.Command line jar cmd
commons.Mail jar mail

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