logo group: com.blazegraph

fresh name packaging artifact id
Blazegraph Core jar bigdata-core
Blazegraph Colt jar colt
Blazegraph Junit Extensions jar junit-ext
Blazegraph Utilities jar bigdata-util
Blazegraph Runtime jar bigdata-runtime
CTC Striterators jar ctc-striterators
Blazegraph RDF Properties jar rdf-properties
Blazegraph DSI Utils jar dsi-utils
Blazegraph Client API jar bigdata-client
Blazegraph Ganglia jar bigdata-ganglia
Blazegraph Gather Apply Scatter (GAS) API jar bigdata-gas
Blazegraph LGPL Utils jar lgpl-utils
Blazegraph Common Utilities jar bigdata-common-util
Blazegraph Cache jar bigdata-cache
Blazegraph System Utilities jar system-utils
Blazegraph Core Tests jar bigdata-core-test
Blazegraph WAR HTML war bigdata-war-html
Blazegraph Statics jar bigdata-statics
Blazegraph RDF Tests jar bigdata-rdf-test
Blazegraph WAR (bigdata legacy context path) war bigdata-war
Blazegraph Blueprints API jar bigdata-blueprints
Blazegraph Sparql Grammar jar sparql-grammar
Blazegraph Vocabularies jar vocabularies
blazegraph-gremlin jar blazegraph-gremlin
Blazegraph WAR war blazegraph-war
Blazegraph Database Platform pom blazegraph-parent
Blazegraph Executable Jar jar blazegraph-jar
Blazegraph Debian Package deb blazegraph-deb
Blazegraph-Based TPF Server war BlazegraphBasedTPFServer
Blazegraph Application Samples pom samples
Blazegraph Deployment Artifacts pom blazegraph-artifacts
Blazegraph Sail Tests jar bigdata-sails-test
Blazegraph Executable Jar (bigdata legacy path) jar bigdata-jar

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