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fresh name packaging artifact id
integration-common jar integration-common
integration-test-common jar integration-test-common
integration-bdio jar integration-bdio
hub-common-rest jar hub-common-rest
phone-home-client jar phone-home-client
integration-rest jar integration-rest
hub-common jar hub-common
hub-common-reporting jar hub-common-reporting
Phone Home API jar phone-home-api
Hub Common Response jar hub-common-response
integration-reporting jar integration-reporting
hub-common-api jar hub-common-api
blackduck-common-api jar blackduck-common-api
common-gradle-plugin jar common-gradle-plugin
Build Tool Common jar build-tool-common
blackduck-common jar blackduck-common
hub-gradle-plugin jar hub-gradle-plugin
hub-detect-model jar hub-detect-model
Suite SDK Integration library Shared jar suite-common
General Code for Protex Integration with CI systems jar protex-common
Black Duck Hub Plug-In for TeamCity Common jar hub-teamcity-common
Suite SDK Integration library for Protex API 7.2.0 jar protex-wrapped-sdk
Hub Atlassian Config atlassian-plugin hub-atlassian-config
hub-imageinspector-lib jar hub-imageinspector-lib
Black Duck Hub Plug-In for TeamCity Server jar hub-teamcity-server
Assemble Black Duck Hub Plug-In for TeamCity CI pom hub-teamcity-assembly
Suite SDK Integration library License Encryption Tool jar suite-common-license-encryption
hub-model-common jar hub-model-common
Hub-maven-plugin maven-plugin hub-maven-plugin
integration-gradle-inspector jar integration-gradle-inspector
hub-detect jar hub-detect
hub-artifactory-common jar hub-artifactory-common
Common Maven Parent POM pom common-maven-parent
Black Duck Hub Plugin hpi blackduck-hub
Suite SDK Integration library Parent pom suite-common-parent
Synopsys Detect plugin hpi blackduck-detect
Suite SDK Integration library Encryption Tool jar suite-common-encryption
Hub Common jar hub-reporting-common
hub-sbt-plugin jar hub-sbt-plugin_2.10_0.13
Hub Response Common jar hub-response-common
Black Duck Hub Plugin for TeamCity pom hub-teamcity
Black Duck Hub Plug-In for TeamCity Agent jar hub-teamcity-agent

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