group: com.bazaarvoice.emodb

fresh name packaging artifact id
EmoDB Dropwizard Utilities jar emodb-common-dropwizard
EmoDB Json Utilities jar emodb-common-json
EmoDB Authentication Client jar emodb-auth-client
EmoDB Cassandra Astyanax Utilities jar emodb-common-astyanax
EmoDB Common API Classes jar emodb-common-api
EmoDB System of Record API jar emodb-sor-api
EmoDB In-Memory Cache Manager jar emodb-cachemgr
EmoDB Generic Client Classes jar emodb-common-client
EmoDB Dropwizard Client Classes jar emodb-common-dropwizard-client
EmoDB Job API jar emodb-job-api
EmoDB System of Record HTTP Client jar emodb-sor-client
EmoDB Authentication jar emodb-auth-core
EmoDB Event Store jar emodb-event
EmoDB System of Record jar emodb-sor
EmoDB Queue Service API jar emodb-queue-api
EmoDB ZooKeeper Utilities jar emodb-common-zookeeper
EmoDB Databus HTTP Client jar emodb-databus-client
EmoDB Stash Utilities jar emodb-common-stash
EmoDB Blob Store API jar emodb-blob-api
EmoDB Authentication Storage jar emodb-auth-store
EmoDB UUID Utilities jar emodb-common-uuid
EmoDB Databus jar emodb-databus
EmoDB Databus API jar emodb-databus-api
EmoDB Data Center Abstraction jar emodb-datacenter
EmoDB Table Abstraction jar emodb-table
EmoDB RESTful Web Server jar emodb-web
EmoDB Blob HTTP Client jar emodb-blob-client
EmoDB User Access Control API jar emodb-uac-api
EmoDB User Access Control Jersey Client jar emodb-uac-client
EmoDB System of Record Hadoop client jar emodb-sor-hadoop
EmoDB Jobs jar emodb-job
Emodb-plugins jar emodb-plugins
EmoDB Queue Service jar emodb-queue
EmoDB Queue Client Common jar emodb-queue-client-common
EmoDB SDK Maven Plugin maven-plugin emodb-sdk
EmoDB Shaded Clients Core jar emodb-shaded-clients-core
EmoDB Blob Store jar emodb-blob
EmoDB Authentication Test jar emodb-auth-test
EmoDB System of Record Client Common jar emodb-sor-client-common
EmoDB Local Server Mode jar emodb-web-local
EmoDB Databus Client Common jar emodb-databus-client-common
EmoDB Blob Client Common jar emodb-blob-client-common
EmoDB Queue HTTP Client jar emodb-queue-client
EmoDB Quality Tests pom emodb-quality-base
EmoDB System of Record Hive classes jar emodb-sor-hive
EmoDB MapReduce pom emodb-mapreduce
EmoDB Yum RPM Deployer tar.gz emodb-rpms
EmoDB Parent pom emodb-parent
EmoDB Shaded Clients pom emodb-shaded-clients
EmoDB Integration Tests jar emodb-quality
EmoDB Shaded Clients Dropwizard 6 jar emodb-shaded-clients-dropwizard6
EmoDB pom emodb

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