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fresh name packaging artifact id
common-api bundle common-api
adm-model jar adm-model
pax-exam-test-composite jar pax-exam-test-composite
adm-json bundle adm-json
adm-common-test jar adm-common-test
common-api-jackson bundle common-api-jackson
Metrics Statsd Support bundle metrics-statsd
Apache Felix Lightweight HTTP Service Core bundle org.apache.felix.httplite.core
java-hamcrest-osgi jar java-hamcrest-osgi
metrics-cloudwatch-reporter bundle metrics-cloudwatch-reporter
Basis Technology Open Source Buildtools jar open-source-buildtools
open-source-parent pom open-source-parent
Apache Felix Lightweight HTTP Service Complete bundle org.apache.felix.httplite.complete
Apache Felix Remote Shell bundle org.apache.felix.shell.remote
Pathname Utility Maven Plugin maven-plugin pathname-util-maven-plugin
Pathname Utility Maven Plugin Integration Tests jar pathname-util-maven-plugin-it
Pathname Utility Maven Plugin Toplevel pom pathname-util-maven-plugin-top
rosette-common-api pom rosette-common-api
Adm-json-schema-gen jar adm-json-schema-gen
adm-taglets jar adm-taglets
Annotated-data-model xml annotated-data-model
auto-version-maven-extension jar auto-version-maven-extension
bbh-maven-plugin maven-plugin bbh-maven-plugin
Buildtools: Configuration files for Checkstyle and PMD jar buildtools
Dependency-parser-api jar dependency-parser-api

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