group: com.barrybecker4

fresh name packaging artifact id
bb4-sound build zip bb4-sound
bb4-optimization build zip bb4-optimization
bb4-sgf jar bb4-sgf
bb4-A-star build zip bb4-A-star
bb4-common build zip bb4-common
bb4-ui build zip bb4-ui
bb4-simulations jar bb4-liquid
bb4-simulations jar bb4-fluid
bb4-simulations jar bb4-fractalexplorer
bb4-games build jar bb4-galactic
bb4-games build jar bb4-game
bb4-games build jar bb4-go
bb4-games build jar bb4-gomoku
bb4-simulations jar bb4-habitat
bb4-simulations jar bb4-henonexplorer
bb4-games build jar bb4-hex
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-hiq
bb4-simulations jar bb4-lsystem
bb4-games build jar bb4-mancala
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-maze
bb4-games build jar bb4-multiplayer
bb4-game jar bb4-pente
bb4-games build jar bb4-poker
bb4-simulations jar bb4-predprey
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-puzzle
bb4-simulations jar bb4-reactiondiffusion
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-redpuzzle
bb4-games build jar bb4-set
bb4-simulations jar bb4-simulation
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-slidingpuzzle
bb4-simulations jar bb4-snake
bb4-simulations jar bb4-stock
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-sudoku
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-tantrix
bb4-games build jar bb4-tictactoe
bb4-simulations jar bb4-trading
bb4-simulations jar bb4-trebuchet
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-twopails
bb4-games build jar bb4-twoplayer
bb4-adventure build jar bb4-adventure
bb4-simulations jar bb4-verhulst
bb4-games build jar bb4-blockade
bb4-puzzles build jar bb4-bridge
bb4-simulations jar bb4-cave
bb4-games build jar bb4-chess
bb4-simulations jar bb4-conway
bb4-simulations jar bb4-dice

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