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fresh name packaging artifact id
jprotobuf jar jprotobuf
jprotobuf-rpc-common jar jprotobuf-rpc-common
jprotobuf-rpc-core jar jprotobuf-rpc-core
jprotobuf-rpc-core-spring jar jprotobuf-rpc-core-spring
brpc-java jar brpc-java
jprotobuf-rpc-core-test jar jprotobuf-rpc-core-test
jprotobuf-rpc-core-spring-base jar jprotobuf-rpc-core-spring-base
ProtoParser jar jprotobuf-protoparser
bns-client pom bns-client
brpc-spring jar brpc-spring
jprotobuf-precompile-plugin maven-plugin jprotobuf-precompile-plugin
brpc-spring-boot-starter jar brpc-spring-boot-starter
bns client supports spring framework jar bns-client-spring
core package for only for http service jar bns-core
Jprotobuf jar jprotobuf-jre
brpc-java-communication jar brpc-java-communication
Baidu Driver4J BDRP-Client jar bdrp-client
jprotobuf-rpc-registry-redis jar jprotobuf-rpc-registry-redis
jprotobuf-rpc-socket pom jprotobuf-rpc-socket
brpc-java-parent pom brpc-java-parent
brpc-java-naming-zookeeper jar brpc-java-naming-zookeeper
brpc-java-naming-consul jar brpc-java-naming-consul
jprotobuf-rpc-core-spring2 jar jprotobuf-rpc-core-spring2
bns client supports spring framework jar bns-client-spring-noprotobuf
bigpipe-driver jar bigpipe-driver
jprotobuf-rpc-ext-validator jar jprotobuf-rpc-ext-validator
jprotobuf-rpc-registry-bns jar jprotobuf-rpc-registry-bns
Jprotobuf-rpc-spring-starter jar jprotobuf-rpc-spring-starter
kafka-clients-compatiable jar kafka-clients-compatiable
bigqueue jar leansoft-bigqueue
Jprotobuf jar jprotobuf-android
spring-cloud-brpc jar spring-cloud-brpc
brpc-java-spring jar brpc-java-spring

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