logo group: com.atlassian.support

fresh name packaging artifact id
Support Tools Plugin atlassian-plugin stp
Support Tools Plugin - SPI jar stp-spi
Product Log scanner tools for Sisyphus project jar sisyphus-scanner-tools
Support Tools Plugin - API jar stp-api
Support Tools Plugin - CDN compatibility bridge jar cdn-bridge-stp
Support Tools Plugin - Page Objects jar stp-page-objects
Achoo Database Console Common jar achoo-database-console-common
JIRA Wallboard Portlet atlassian-plugin wallboard-portlet
DbConsole Parent Pom pom achoo-database-console-parent
Achoo Database Console Plugin atlassian-plugin achoo-database-console-plugin
Support Tools Plugin - Parent POM pom stp-parent
DbConsole atlassian-plugin achoo-database-console

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