group: com.atlassian.stash.plugin

fresh name packaging artifact id
Stash Inbox atlassian-plugin stash-inbox-plugin
SCM Cache Plugin for Stash atlassian-plugin stash-scm-cache
Stash SVG Logo atlassian-plugin stash-svg-logo-plugin
Stash Readme Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-readme-plugin
Stash SVG Logo atlassian-plugin stash-svg-logo-easteregg
Atlassian Stash Stream Guard atlassian-plugin stash-stream-guard-plugin
Stash Readme Page Objects jar stash-readme-page-objects
Stash Static Analysis Framework atlassian-plugin stash-static-analysis
Stash Webhooks Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-bamboo
Stash Coverage Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-bamboo-clover-plugin
Stash Bower Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-bower-plugin
Stash Checkstyle Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-checkstyle
Stash Custom Checkstyle Checks atlassian-plugin stash-checkstyle-custom
Stash Coverage Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-code-coverage-plugin
stash-editor-plugin atlassian-plugin stash-editor-plugin
Atlassian Stash Git SCM Administration atlassian-plugin stash-git-admin-plugin
Repository git operations plugin atlassian-plugin stash-git-ops-plugin
Stash Git protocol support atlassian-plugin stash-git-protocol-plugin
Stash Inbox Hook atlassian-plugin stash-inbox-hook
Stash Keyboard Shortcut Extras atlassian-plugin stash-keyboard-shortcut-extras-plugin
Stash Look and Feel Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-look-and-feel-plugin
Atlassian Stash Mirroring Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-mirror-plugin
Stash Protect Unmerged Branch Hook atlassian-plugin stash-protect-unmerged-branch-hook
Stash Readme Parent pom stash-readme-parent
Stash Readme Test atlassian-plugin stash-readme-test
Stash Release Management Hook atlassian-plugin stash-release-management-hook-plugin
Stash Scm Clone Cache Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-scm-clone-cache
Stash Static Analysis Parent pom stash-static-analysis-parent
Stash Reviewer Suggester atlassian-plugin stash-suggest-reviewers
Stash Unapprove Reviewers Hook atlassian-plugin stash-unapprove-reviewers-hook
Stash Web Post Hooks Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-web-post-receive-hooks-plugin
Auto Merge Plugin atlassian-plugin auto-merge-plugin
unapprove-on-push atlassian-plugin unapprove-on-push
Custom Navigation Plugin atlassian-plugin custom-navigation-plugin
Custom Tabs Plugin atlassian-plugin custom-tabs-plugin
HipChat Push Blame atlassian-plugin hipchat-push-blame
Ref Change Settings Plugin atlassian-plugin refchange-settings-plugin
Repository System Info Plugin atlassian-plugin repository-sysinfo-plugin
Stash Archive Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-archive
Stash Auto Unapprove Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-auto-unapprove-plugin

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