group: com.atlassian.stash

fresh name packaging artifact id
Atlassian Stash API jar stash-api
Atlassian Stash Utilities jar stash-util
Atlassian Stash SPI jar stash-spi
Atlassian Stash Test Utils jar stash-test-util
Atlassian Stash Common Library for REST atlassian-plugin stash-rest-common
Atlassian Stash Git SCM API bundle stash-scm-git-api
Atlassian Stash Model jar stash-model
Atlassian Stash Active Objects Common Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-ao-common
Atlassian Stash SCM Common Library jar stash-scm-common
Atlassian Stash Internal Services API jar stash-service-api
Atlassian Stash Branch Permissions Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-branch-permissions
Atlassian Stash Platform jar stash-platform
Atlassian Stash Data Access API jar stash-dao-api
Atlassian Stash Functional Tests Common jar stash-func-test-common
Atlassian Stash Utilities For Plugins bundle stash-plugin-util
Atlassian Stash Page Objects jar stash-page-objects
Atlassian Stash Git SCM Common atlassian-plugin stash-scm-git-common
Atlassian Stash JIRA Integration Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-jira-integration
Atlassian Stash Branch Utilities Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-branch-utils
Atlassian Stash REST Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-rest
Atlassian Stash Notification Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-notification
Atlassian Stash SAL Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-sal
Atlassian Stash Git SCM atlassian-plugin stash-scm-git
Atlassian Stash Velocity Helper Plugin bundle stash-velocity-helper
Atlassian Stash Services Impl jar stash-service-impl
Stash SourceTree Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-sourcetree-plugin
Atlassian Stash Implementation of Embedded Crowd Admin plugin SPI atlassian-plugin stash-embcwd-admin-spi-impl
Atlassian Stash SCM Action Checks atlassian-plugin stash-scm-request-checks
Atlassian Stash Data Access Impl jar stash-dao-impl
Atlassian Stash Build Integration Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-build-integration
Atlassian Stash HipChat Integration Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-hipchat-integration
Atlassian Stash Bundled Hooks Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-bundled-hooks
Atlassian Stash Pull Request Branch Deletion Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-pull-request-branch-deletion
Atlassian Stash Crowd SSO Authentication Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-auth-crowd-sso
Atlassian Stash Web Common jar stash-web-common
Atlassian Stash SSH Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-ssh
Atlassian Stash Readme Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-readme-plugin
Atlassian Stash Header and Navigation Links Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-nav-links
Stash Dev Summary Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-dev-summary-plugin
Atlassian Stash Audit Log Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-audit
Atlassian Stash Support Tools Plugin Integration Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-stp-integration
Atlassian Stash Repository Ref Synchronizer atlassian-plugin stash-repository-ref-sync
Stash Dev Summary AO Tests jar stash-dev-summary-dao-test
Atlassian Stash Localisation Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-l10n
Atlassian Stash Git Binary Helper jar stash-scm-git-binary
Atlassian Stash Analytics Whitelist atlassian-plugin stash-analytics-whitelist
Atlassian Stash Ref Restriction API jar stash-ref-restriction-api
stash-java-client-api jar stash-java-client-api
Atlassian Stash SCM Test Utilities jar stash-scm-test-util
Atlassian Stash Comment Likes Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-comment-likes
Atlassian Stash SCM Tags Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-scm-tags-plugin
stash-java-client-applinks jar stash-java-client-applinks
Atlassian Stash Git SCM REST Service atlassian-plugin stash-scm-git-rest
Atlassian Stash Ref Restriction SPI jar stash-ref-restriction-spi
Atlassian Stash Plugin Information Provider Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-plugin-information-provider
Atlassian Stash Implementation of UPM SPI atlassian-plugin stash-upm-spi-impl
stash-java-client-core jar stash-java-client-core
Atlassian Stash Hosting Test Utilities jar stash-func-test-hosting-util
Stash Dev Summary Functional Tests jar stash-dev-summary-func-test
stash-java-client-httpclient jar stash-java-client-httpclient
Atlassian Stash Branch Permissions SPI atlassian-plugin stash-branch-permissions-spi
Stash Dev Summary Functional Test Utils atlassian-plugin stash-dev-summary-func-test-utils
stash-rest-client-api jar stash-rest-client-api
stash-rest-client-core jar stash-rest-client-core
Atlassian Stash clustering info plugin atlassian-plugin stash-clustering-info
Atlassian Stash Distribution Common jar stash-distribution-common
Stash Workflow API atlassian-plugin stash-workflow-api
Atlassian Stash Soak/Soke tests jar soke-stash
Stash Apdex Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-apdex-plugin
Atlassian Stash Bundled Plugins pom stash-bundled-plugins
Atlassian Stash Bundled Plugins Parent pom stash-bundled-plugins-parent
Atlassian Stash Custom CheckStyle jar stash-checkstyle
Atlassian Stash clustering info plugin atlassian-plugin stash-clustering-info-plugin
Stash Dev Summary Functional Test Runner atlassian-plugin stash-dev-summary-func-test-runner
Stash Dev Summary Parent pom stash-dev-summary-parent
Atlassian Stash Distribution pom stash-distribution
Atlassian Stash Distribution Parent pom stash-distribution-parent
Atlassian Stash Documentation jar stash-docs
Error Monitor for Stash atlassian-plugin stash-error-monitor
Atlassian Stash Functional Installer Tests jar stash-func-test-installer
Atlassian Stash Functional Migration Tests atlassian-plugin stash-func-test-migration
Atlassian Stash Functional Tests Parent pom stash-func-test-parent
Atlassian Stash Functional Setup Tests atlassian-plugin stash-func-test-setup
Atlassian Stash Scm Hooks Demo Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-hooks-demo
Atlassian Stash Hosted Bundled Plugins pom stash-hosted-bundled-plugins
stash-java-client pom stash-java-client
Stash-java-client-bamboo-specs jar stash-java-client-bamboo-specs
stash-java-client-tests atlassian-plugin stash-java-client-tests
Atlassian Stash Javascript Tests atlassian-plugin stash-jstests-plugin
Atlassian Stash Parent pom stash-parent
Atlassian Stash Plugins Parent pom stash-plugins-parent
Atlassian Stash Test Resources atlassian-plugin stash-plugin-test-resources
Atlassian Stash Pull Request Tasks plugin atlassian-plugin stash-pull-request-tasks
Stash Redirect Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-redirect-plugin
Stash Repository Name Plugin atlassian-plugin stash-reponame-plugin
stash-rest-client pom stash-rest-client
stash-rest-client-tests atlassian-plugin stash-rest-client-tests
Atlassian Stash Scala Plugins Parent pom stash-scala-plugins-parent
Atlassian Stash SCM Parent pom stash-scm-parent
JMX Monitor for Stash atlassian-plugin stash-sentinel-plugin
Atlassian Stash Smoke Tests jar stash-smoke
Atlassian Stash Visual Regression Tests atlassian-plugin stash-visual-regression-test
Atlassian Stash Webapp Parent pom stash-webapp-parent
jscoverage atlassian-plugin jscoverage

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