logo group: com.atlassian.plugins.rest

fresh name packaging artifact id
Atlassian REST - Common jar atlassian-rest-common
Jersey Library pom com.atlassian.jersey-library
Atlassian REST - Module Types atlassian-plugin atlassian-rest-module
Atlassian REST - Doclet jar atlassian-rest-doclet
Atlassian REST - A Test Jar jar atlassian-rest-test-jar
Atlassian REST - Reference Implementation Plugin v2 jar atlassian-rest-refimpl-plugin-v2
Atlassian REST - Reference Implementation Plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-rest-refimpl-plugin
Atlassian REST - Expansion Sample atlassian-plugin atlassian-rest-sample-expansion
Atlassian REST - Hello World Sample atlassian-plugin atlassian-rest-sample-helloworld
Atlassian REST - Samples pom atlassian-rest-samples
Atlassian REST - Parent POM pom atlassian-rest-parent
Atlassian REST - Reference Implementation Plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-rest-refimpl-plugin-v3
Atlassian REST - Entity Sample atlassian-plugin atlassian-rest-sample-entities

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