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fresh name packaging artifact id
Atlassian Spring Scanner Annotations atlassian-plugin atlassian-spring-scanner-annotation
Atlassian Spring Scanner Runtime atlassian-plugin atlassian-spring-scanner-runtime
Atlassian Spring Scanner Annotation Processor jar atlassian-spring-scanner-processor
Atlassian Plugins - JavaScript libraries atlassian-plugin jslibs
Atlassian Spring Scanner jar atlassian-spring-scanner
JIRA Feedback Plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-feedback-plugin
Atlassian Spring Scanner Core jar atlassian-spring-scanner-core
Atlassian Spring Scanner Dynamic Contexts jar atlassian-spring-scanner-dynamic-contexts
Atlassian-spring-scanner-external-jar jar atlassian-spring-scanner-external-jar
Atlassian Spring Scanner Test Plugin - ExportAsService atlassian-plugin atlassian-spring-scanner-maven-test-service-exporting-plugin
Atlassian Spring Scanner Test For Maven Support - Transitive Jar jar atlassian-spring-scanner-test-example-transitive-jar
Atlassian-spring-scanner-test-example-external-jar jar atlassian-spring-scanner-test-example-external-jar
Atlassian Spring Scanner Test For Maven Support - Excluded Transitive Jar jar atlassian-spring-scanner-test-example-transitive-excluded-jar
Atlassian Spring Scanner Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-spring-scanner-maven-plugin
Atlassian Integration Test Contract Plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-it-contract-plugin
Atlassian Spring Scanner Test For Maven Support atlassian-plugin atlassian-spring-scanner-maven-test
Atlassian Spring Scanner Parent pom atlassian-spring-scanner-parent
Atlassian Spring Scanner Test For Product Detection atlassian-plugin atlassian-spring-scanner-product-detect-test
atlassian-plugin-marketing jar atlassian-plugin-marketing
Atlassian Spring Scanner Test Parent pom atlassian-spring-scanner-test
JIRA Watch Project Plug-in atlassian-plugin jira-watch-project-plugin

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