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fresh name packaging artifact id
Maven AMPS Plugin maven-plugin maven-amps-plugin
testjar-plugin Maven Plugin maven-plugin unpack-testjar
AMPS Maven Plugin maven-plugin amps-maven-plugin
Maven Refapp Plugin maven-plugin maven-refapp-plugin
Maven Bamboo Plugin maven-plugin maven-bamboo-plugin
Maven JIRA Plugin maven-plugin maven-jira-plugin
Maven Confluence Plugin maven-plugin maven-confluence-plugin
Maven AMPS Dispatcher Plugin maven-plugin maven-amps-dispatcher-plugin
Maven FishEye/Crucible Plugin maven-plugin maven-fecru-plugin
Maven Crowd Plugin maven-plugin maven-crowd-plugin
Soy-to-html-maven-plugin maven-plugin soy-to-html-maven-plugin
Maven Stash Plugin maven-plugin maven-stash-plugin
Soy-to-html-core jar soy-to-html-core
Maven JGitFlow Plugin maven-plugin maven-jgitflow-plugin
Bitbucket Maven Plugin maven-plugin bitbucket-maven-plugin
AMPS Dispatcher Maven Plugin maven-plugin amps-dispatcher-maven-plugin
JIRA Maven Plugin maven-plugin jira-maven-plugin
Refapp Maven Plugin maven-plugin refapp-maven-plugin
Bamboo Maven Plugin maven-plugin bamboo-maven-plugin
Crowd Maven Plugin maven-plugin crowd-maven-plugin
FishEye/Crucible Maven Plugin maven-plugin fecru-maven-plugin
Confluence Maven Plugin maven-plugin confluence-maven-plugin
Atlassian Shared Methods jar shared-methods
Maven Clover Plugin maven-plugin maven-clover2-plugin
Maven Clover Plugin maven-plugin clover-maven-plugin
Pseudo Localisation Maven2 Plugin maven-plugin pseudo-loc-maven-plugin
Maven Studio Plugin maven-plugin maven-studio-plugin
Atlassian Modz Detector - Maven Plugin maven-plugin modz-detector-maven-plugin
Atlassian DocsVersion Plugin maven-plugin docsversion-maven-plugin
Atlassian License Maven Plugin maven-plugin license-maven-plugin
TCP Level Load Balancer maven-plugin load-balancer-maven-plugin
Applicaiton Manager Confluence Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-aam-plugin
Maven AMPS Assembly Plugin pom maven-amps-assembly
clirr-rules-maven-plugin Maven Mojo maven-plugin clirr-rules-maven-plugin
Bower Maven Plugin maven-plugin bower-maven-plugin
Atlassian Application Plugin maven-plugin maven-atlassian-application-plugin
Atlassian Archetype Plugin maven-plugin maven-atlassian-archetype-plugin
Generates BuildUtil.java files for Atlassian Products maven-plugin maven-atlassian-buildutils-plugin
Maven 2 Atlassian IDEA Plugin maven-plugin maven-atlassian-idea-plugin
Maven Atlassian Source Distribution Plugin maven-plugin maven-atlassian-source-distribution-plugin
AUI Component maven-plugin maven-auicomponent-plugin
Maven Amazon Web Services Plug-in maven-plugin maven-aws-plugin
Banned-packages-maven-plugin maven-plugin banned-packages-maven-plugin
Maven Amazon Web Services Plug-in maven-plugin aws-maven-plugin
Maven Clover Plugin maven-plugin maven-clover-plugin
AWS Integration Test Plugin maven-plugin aws-integration-test-plugin
Atlassian Maven Versions plugin maven-plugin atlassian-versions-plugin
Atlassian Maven Dependency Tracker Plugin maven-plugin maven-dependency-tracker-plugin
Atlassian Plugin Developer Kit maven-plugin atlassian-pdk
Atlassian Maven Install4J Plugin maven-plugin maven-install4j-plugin
Atlassian Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-maven-plugin
Atlassian Install4J Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-install4j-maven-plugin
Maven Licenses Plugin maven-plugin maven-licenses-plugin
Atlassian :: Licensing Bom Processor Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-licensing-bom-processor-plugin
Maven 2 System Properties Initialiser maven-plugin maven-properties-initialiser-plugin
Atlassian IDE Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-ide-maven-plugin
Maven Repository Bundle maven-plugin maven-repository-bundle-plugin
Atlassian Simple Javadoc Plugin maven-plugin maven-simple-javadoc-plugin
Atlassian Maven Source Routes Plugin maven-plugin maven-source-routes-plugin
Atlassian I18n UpsideDown Text Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-i18n-upsidedown-text-maven-plugin
Maven upload plugin maven-plugin maven-upload-plugin
Opup-maven-plugin maven-plugin opup-maven-plugin
api-compat-maven-plugin Maven Mojo maven-plugin api-compat-maven-plugin
qunit-maven-plugin Maven Mojo maven-plugin qunit-maven-plugin
Atlassian Distribution Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-distribution-maven-plugin
S3 upload maven plugin maven-plugin s3-upload-maven-plugin
Atlassian Maven Sandbox Plugin maven-plugin sandbox-maven-plugin
Atlassian Static Security Check Maven Plugin maven-plugin seccheck-maven-plugin
Atlassian Bundled Plugins Maven Plugin maven-plugin atlassian-bundled-plugins-maven-plugin
Maven Smart Assembly Plugin maven-plugin smartass-maven-plugin
Smartpackage Maven Plugin maven-plugin smartpackage
assc-maven-plugin Maven Plugin maven-plugin assc-maven-plugin
Artifactory Staging Maven Plugin maven-plugin artifactory-staging-maven-plugin
Atlassian Soy To HTML Plugin - Parent pom soy-to-html-parent
Soy-to-js-maven-plugin maven-plugin soy-to-js-maven-plugin
Statistics generation extension for maven jar statistics-maven-plugin
Atlassian Studio Maven Plugin maven-plugin studio
Atlassian Install Maven Plugins pom install-maven-plugins-parent
Doxia-module-markdown jar doxia-module-markdown
JarJar Maven Plugin maven-plugin jarjar-maven-plugin

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