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fresh name packaging artifact id
Atlassian Bot Session Killer atlassian-plugin atlassian-bot-killer
Lucene Compatibility Plugin atlassian-plugin lucene-compat-plugin
fastdev-plugin atlassian-plugin fastdev-plugin
Atlassian REST API Browser atlassian-plugin rest-api-browser
Confluence XML-RPC Java Client - Plugin atlassian-plugin confluence-xmlrpc-java-client-plugin
json.org inspired JSON code without the thorny checked exceptions jar atlassian-json
Atlassian Remote Apps - Plugin atlassian-plugin remoteapps-plugin
Atlassian Remote Apps - Public API jar remoteapps-api
JIRA 5 Compatibility Library jar jira4-compat
Speakeasy Plugin atlassian-plugin speakeasy-plugin
Confluence XML-RPC Java Client - Public API jar confluence-xmlrpc-java-client-api
Confluence Mentions Plugin atlassian-plugin confluence-mentions-plugin
Lucene-compat jar lucene-compat
Atlassian Remote Apps - Utils jar remoteapps-apputils
Atlassian Remote Apps - Sample atlassian-plugin remoteapps-sample
Atlassian Remote Apps - Servlet Kit jar remoteapps-servlet-kit
Atlassian Remote Apps - JavaScript Kit jar remoteapps-ringojs-kit
Atlassian Remote Apps - Kit Common jar remoteapps-kit-common
Atlassian Remote Apps - Sample Plugin Wrapper atlassian-plugin remoteapps-sample-plugin
Atlassian Remote Apps - Standalone Container jar remoteapps-container
Atlassian Remote Apps - Host Common jar remoteapps-host-common
Atlassian Remote Apps - Test jar remoteapps-test
Lucene Compatibility API jar lucene-compat-api
JIRA 5 Compatibility API jar jira4-compat-api
Atlassian Remote Apps - Http Client jar remoteapps-http-client
Atlassian Remote Apps - Concurrent Utils jar remoteapps-util-concurrent
Lucene 4 Adapter jar lucene4-adapter
Lucene 2.9 Adapter jar lucene29-adapter
Atlassian Remote Apps - JIRA Rest Client jar remoteapps-jira-rest-client
JIRA 5 Adapter jar jira5-adapter
JIRA 4 Adapter jar jira4-adapter
Atlassian Remote Apps - Test Plugin atlassian-plugin remoteapps-test-plugin
Atlassian Markdown Core jar atlassian-markdown-core
Atlassian Remote Apps - URI jar remoteapps-util-uri
Atlassian Remote Apps - OSGI jar remoteapps-util-osgi
Atlassian Remote Apps - WebHook Plugin atlassian-plugin remoteapps-webhook-plugin
Atlassian Remote Apps - Utils jar remoteapp-apputils
Atlassian Remote Apps - Standalone Container Build Helper jar remoteapps-container-build
Websequencediagrams-app atlassian-plugin websequencediagrams-app
Atlassian Confluence Markdown Plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-confluence-markdown-plugin
Atlassian JIRA Markdown Plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-jira-markdown-plugin
json.org inspired JSON code jar atlassian.json
Atlassian Markdown pom atlassian-markdown
Atlassian Script Killer atlassian-plugin atlassian-script-killer
Comment Age atlassian-plugin comment-age
Lucene Extractor Compatibility Library Parent pom confluence-lucene-compat-parent
Confluence XML-RPC Java Client - Parent POM pom confluence-xmlrpc-java-client-parent
Fastdev Plugin Parent pom fastdev-parent
JIRA 5 Compatibility Library Parent pom jira4-compat-parent
LaTeX Plugin atlassian-plugin macro-latex
Maven Versionator maven-plugin maven-versionator
Atlassian QueryDSL Active Object Code Generation jar querydsl-ao-code-gen
Atlassian QueryDSL Active Object Code Generation Parent Project pom querydsl-ao-code-gen-parent
Atlassian Remote Apps - Parent POM pom remoteapps-parent
Atlassian Remote Apps - Smoke Tests jar remoteapps-smoke-tests
Atlassian Remote Apps - Universal Binary Sample atlassian-plugin remoteapps-universal-binary-sample
Atlassian Remote Apps - Universal Binary Sample atlassian-plugin remoteapps-universal-binary-test-plugin
sbt-git-stamp jar sbt-git-stamp_2.10_0.13
sbt-git-stamp jar sbt-git-stamp_2.9.1_0.11.2
sbt-git-stamp jar sbt-git-stamp_2.9.1_0.11.3
sbt-git-stamp jar sbt-git-stamp_2.9.2_0.12
Smarter User Picker atlassian-plugin smarter-user-picker-plugin
Atlassian Speakeasy jar speakeasy-firefox-extension
Atlassian Speakeasy pom speakeasy-parent
urlrewrite-plugin atlassian-plugin urlrewrite-plugin
activeobjects-plugin atlassian-plugin activeobjects-plugin

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