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Atlassian Embedded Crowd - API jar embedded-crowd-api
Atlassian Crowd Integration API jar crowd-integration-api
Atlassian Crowd Core API jar crowd-api
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Core jar embedded-crowd-core
Atlassian Crowd Integration Client - REST jar crowd-integration-client-rest
Atlassian Crowd Persistence Module jar crowd-persistence
Atlassian Crowd System Password Encoders jar crowd-password-encoders
Atlassian Crowd LDAP Implementation jar crowd-ldap
Atlassian Crowd REST Plugin atlassian-plugin crowd-rest-plugin
Atlassian Crowd Core jar crowd-core
Atlassian Crowd Acceptance Test Module jar crowd-acceptance-test
Atlassian Crowd REST Application Management Plugin atlassian-plugin crowd-rest-application-management
Atlassian Crowd Events jar crowd-events
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - SPI jar embedded-crowd-spi
Atlassian Crowd Seraph 2.5 Integration jar crowd-integration-seraph25
Atlassian Crowd Server Common jar crowd-server-common
Atlassian Crowd Remote Implementation jar crowd-remote
Atlassian Crowd REST Test Module jar crowd-rest-test
Atlassian Integration Client Common jar crowd-integration-client-common
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Administration Plugin atlassian-plugin embedded-crowd-admin-plugin
Atlassian Crowd PageObjects jar crowd-pageobjects
Crowd Server API jar crowd-server-api
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Atlassian User jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-atlassian-user
Atlassian Crowd Integration Client - SOAP jar crowd-integration-client-soap
Atlassian Crowd Test Utilities jar crowd-test-utils
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Test Utils jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-testing
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - PageObjects jar embedded-crowd-pageobjects
Atlassian Crowd Query Language jar crowd-query-language
Atlassian Crowd REST - Common jar crowd-rest-common
Atlassian User Management - Page Objects jar crowd-user-management-page-objects
Atlassian User Management - Test Resources jar crowd-user-management-test-common
Atlassian Crowd Server jar crowd-server
Atlassian Crowd Persistence Hibernate4 Module jar crowd-persistence-hibernate4
Atlassian User Management - Provisioning Plugin atlassian-plugin user-provisioning-plugin
Atlassian Crowd Integration Client jar crowd-integration-client
Atlassian Horde Acceptance Tests jar horde-acceptance-test
Atlassian Crowd Spring Security Integration jar crowd-integration-springsecurity
Atlassian User Management - Plugin atlassian-plugin crowd-user-management-plugin
Atlassian Crowd REST Test API Module jar crowd-rest-test-api
Atlassian User Management - Common jar crowd-user-management-common
Crowd's forked tiny subset of Atlassian Core jar crowd-core-tiny
Atlassian Crowd Language Packs jar crowd-language
Atlassian User Management - REST Tests jar crowd-user-management-test-rest
Atlassian Crowd Client Libraries pom crowd-client-libraries
Atlassian Crowd Tomcat Libraries pom crowd-tomcat-libraries
Atlassian Crowd OSUser Integration jar crowd-integration-osuser
Atlassian Crowd XWork jar crowd-xwork
Atlassian Crowd Selenium Test Module jar crowd-selenium-test
Atlassian Unified Admin Chrome atlassian-plugin unified-admin-chrome
Atlassian Crowd Integration Client API jar crowd-integration-client-api
Atlassian Crowd Shared Application Access Layer bundle crowd-sal
Atlassian Crowd SAML Integration atlassian-plugin crowd-integration-saml
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Hibernate 2 jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-hibernate2
Atlassian Crowd Integration Test Helper jar crowd-integration-test-helper
Atlassian Crowd Atlassian User Integration jar crowd-integration-atlassian-user
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Ofbiz jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-ofbiz
Atlassian Crowd Synchronisation Feedback atlassian-plugin crowd-sync-feedback
Atlassian Crowd Persistence File Module jar crowd-persistence-file
Atlassian Horde User Management Acceptance Test Module jar horde-user-management-acceptance-tests
Crowd Trusted Apps Integration atlassian-plugin crowd-trusted-apps
Crowd REST client model jar crowd-client-model
Crowd Server Shared jar crowd-server-shared
Atlassian Crowd Persistence Hibernate Module jar crowd-persistence-hibernate
Atlassian Crowd Bundled Plugins pom crowd-bundled-plugins
Atlassian Crowd Integration pom crowd-integration
Horde Tenant Initialiser Library jar horde-tenant-initialiser-lib
Atlassian Crowd OpenID Spray Acceptance Test jar crowd-openid-spray-acceptance-test
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Administration Plugin Tests jar embedded-crowd-admin-plugin-test
Crowd asynchronous REST client jar crowd-async-rest-client
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - RefApp Plugin atlassian-plugin embedded-crowd-refapp-plugin
Atlassian Crowd Upgrader jar crowd-upgrader
Atlassian Crowd Seraph 2.2 Integration jar crowd-integration-seraph22
Atlassian Crowd Plugin Integration jar crowd-plugins
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Common Admin Module jar embedded-crowd-admin
Atlassian Crowd Administration REST API atlassian-plugin crowd-rest-admin
Atlassian Crowd Decorator Plugin jar crowd-decorator-plugin
Atlassian Global Admin Billing Acceptance Tests jar global-admin-billing-acceptance-tests
Horde Tenant Initialiser Standalone jar horde-tenant-initialiser
Atlassian Crowd Seraph Integration jar crowd-integration-seraph
Atlassian Crowd Decorator Test Plugin atlassian-plugin crowd-decorator-test-plugin
Atlassian Crowd Decorator Tests jar crowd-decorator-test
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - API jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-api
Atlassian User Management Tests pom crowd-user-management-test
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Core jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-core
Atlassian Crowd Acegi Integration jar crowd-integration-acegi
Atlassian Crowd Migration jar crowd-migration
Atlassian Crowd Standalone Distribution pom crowd-standalone-distribution
Atlassian User Management Default Users Groups Plugin atlassian-plugin crowd-user-management-default-users-groups-plugin
Atlassian Crowd Jive Forums Integration jar crowd-integration-jive
Atlassian Crowd Atlassian User jar crowd-atlassian-user
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - SPI jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-spi
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - User and Group Administration Plugin Tests jar embedded-crowd-user-admin-plugin-test
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - User and Group Administration Plugin atlassian-plugin embedded-crowd-user-admin-plugin
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - User Admin Plugin SPI jar embedded-crowd-user-admin-plugin-spi
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - OSUser jar atlassian-embedded-crowd-osuser
Atlassian Crowd REST Integration jar crowd-integration-rest
Atlassian User Management - Webdriver Tests jar crowd-user-management-test-webdriver
Atlassian Unified Admin Chrome Acceptance Test Module jar unified-admin-chrome-acceptance-tests
Atlassian Crowd Components pom atlassian-crowd-components
Atlassian Crowd Fisheye Integration jar crowd-integration-fisheye
Atlassian Crowd Spring Security Integration (SOAP) jar crowd-integration-springsecurity-soap
Atlassian Crowd integration tests pom crowd-integration-tests
Atlassian Crowd Javadoc pom crowd-javadoc
Atlassian Crowd Jetty Runner pom crowd-jetty-runner
Atlassian Crowd-JIRA Test Runner Module pom crowd-jira-test-runner
Crowd-integration-bamboo jar crowd-integration-bamboo
Atlassian Crowd OpenID Spray Core jar crowd-openid-spray-core
Atlassian Crowd Atlassian User 1 Integration jar crowd-integration-atlassian-user-1
Atlassian Crowd Persistence Hibernate5 Module jar crowd-persistence-hibernate5
Atlassian Crowd User Importer jar crowd-importer
Atlassian Crowd directory integration tests jar crowd-directory-test
Atlassian Crowd REST Interfaces pom crowd-rest
Atlassian Crowd Decorator pom crowd-decorator
Atlassian Crowd - DAO database tests jar crowd-dao-database-test
Atlassian Crowd-Confluence Test Runner Module pom crowd-confluence-test-runner
Atlassian Crowd-Confluence-Old Test Runner Module pom crowd-confluence-old-test-runner
Atlassian Crowd - SQL Server Upgrade Test Runner jar crowd-sql-server-upgrade-test-runner
Atlassian Crowd Acceptance Test Runner Module pom crowd-test-runner
Atlassian Crowd-Bamboo Test Runner Module pom crowd-bamboo-test-runner
Atlassian Crowd Tomcat Runner pom crowd-tomcat-runner
Atlassian User Management pom crowd-user-management
Atlassian Crowd Apps Integration Test pom crowd-app-integration-test
Atlassian Horde pom atlassian-horde
Atlassian Crowd Cloud pom atlassian-crowd
Customer Account Directory Client Module jar customer-account-directory-service-client
Atlassian Embedded Crowd pom embedded-crowd
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Avatar Plugin atlassian-plugin embedded-crowd-avatar-plugin
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Integration Test Runner atlassian-plugin embedded-crowd-test-runner
Atlassian Global Admin Billing Test Runner pom global-admin-billing-test-runner
Atlassian Embedded Crowd - Parent POM pom atlassian-embedded-crowd
Atlassian Horde On Demand Acceptance Tests jar horde-acceptance-test-od
Atlassian Horde Acceptance Test Runner Module pom horde-test-runner
Atlassian Horde User Management Acceptance Test Runner Module pom horde-user-management-test-runner
Identity platform integration tests jar idp-integration-tests
Atlassian User Management - OnDemand Acceptance Tests jar ondemand-acceptance-tests
Crowd OnDemand Backup Manager resources jar ondemand-backup-manager-crowd
Atlassian User Management - Soke Tests jar soke-tests
Atlassian Unified Admin Chrome Acceptance Test Runner Module pom unified-admin-chrome-test-runner
Atlassian User Management - Soy Functions jar user-management-soy
Atlassian User Management - User Provisioning Tests jar user-provisioning-acceptance-tests
Openfire Connector for Atlassian Crowd jar crowd-integration-openfire

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