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fresh name packaging artifact id
Applinks - API jar applinks-api
Applinks - SPI jar applinks-spi
Applinks - Plugin - Core atlassian-plugin applinks-plugin
Applinks - Host Integration Services jar applinks-host
JIRA Studio Applinks core jar applinks-core
Applinks - Plugin - Basic Authentication atlassian-plugin applinks-basicauth-plugin
Applinks - Plugin - OAuth atlassian-plugin applinks-oauth-plugin
Applinks - Plugin - CORS atlassian-plugin applinks-cors-plugin
Applinks - Plugin - Trusted Apps atlassian-plugin applinks-trustedapps-plugin
Applinks - Common jar applinks-common
Applinks - Functional Tests - Page Objects jar applinks-pageobjects
Applinks - Test Common jar applinks-test-common
Applinks - Functional Tests - Common jar applinks-func-test-common
Applinks - Functional Tests - Shared components jar applinks-func-test-shared
Applinks-plugin-core jar applinks-plugin-core
Applinks - Functional Tests - REST Common jar applinks-func-test-rest-common
Applinks - Functional Tests - Setup jar applinks-func-test-setup
Applinks Plugin for FishEye/Crucible atlassian-plugin applinks-fisheye-plugin
JIRA Studio Applinks Plugin for Jira 3.13.x atlassian-plugin applinks-legacyjira-plugin
JIRA Studio Applinks Plugin for Jira atlassian-plugin applinks-jira-plugin
AppLinks Plugin for the RefApp atlassian-plugin applinks-refapp-plugin
Applinks-plugin-core-test jar applinks-plugin-core-test
Applinks common library for JIRA plugins jar applinks-jira-common
Applinks Plugin for Confluence atlassian-plugin applinks-confluence-plugin
Applinks - Functional Tests - Test Suite atlassian-plugin applinks-tests
Applinks Diagnostics PageObjects jar applinks-diagnostics-pageobjects
Applinks Diagnostics Plugin atlassian-plugin applinks-diagnostics-plugin
Applinks Authentication Provider API jar applinks-auth-api
Sonar Aggregator jar sonar-aggregator
Applinks Diagnostics Parent POM pom applinks-diagnostics-parent
applinks-diagnostics-integrationtests-stash-plugin atlassian-plugin applinks-diagnostics-integrationtests-stash-plugin
Application Links Package jar applinks-package
Applinks Diagnostics Integration Tests atlassian-plugin applinks-diagnostics-integrationtests-plugin
AppLinks - Parent POM pom applinks-parent
Applinks Diagnostics Integration Tests For JIRA atlassian-plugin applinks-diagnostics-integrationtests-jira-plugin
applinks-diagnostics-integrationtests-confluence-plugin atlassian-plugin applinks-diagnostics-integrationtests-confluence-plugin
Applinks Plugin for Bamboo atlassian-plugin applinks-bamboo-plugin
example-plugin atlassian-plugin example-plugin
Applinks - Functional Tests - Parent pom applinks-func-test-parent

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