group: com.atlassian

fresh name packaging artifact id
atlassian-test-categories jar atlassian-test-categories
Compatibility Framework Infrastructure jar portfolio-bridges
JIRA Compatibility Framework [API] jar portfolio-jira-bridge-api
Agile Compatibility Framework [API] jar portfolio-agile-api-api
Portfolio for JIRA [Environment Test Utils] jar portfolio-environment-test-utils
JIRA Compatibility Framework [6.3] jar portfolio-jira-bridge-6.3
JIRA Compatibility Framework [6.4] jar portfolio-jira-bridge-6.4
JIRA Compatibility Framework [7.0] jar portfolio-jira-bridge-7.0
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.6.11] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.6.11
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.4.0] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.4.0
Portfolio for JIRA [Frontend and Commons] jar jira-portfolio-common
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.7.5] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.7.5
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.7.0] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.7.0
Agile Compatibility Framework [JPO] jar portfolio-agile-api-jpo
JIRA Portfolio [Scheduling] jar jira-portfolio-scheduling
atlassian-failure-cache-plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-failure-cache-plugin
Portfolio for JIRA [Environment Test Utils: JIRA] jar portfolio-environment-test-utils-jira
lucene-extras jar lucene-extras
JIRA Compatibility Framework [6.1] jar portfolio-jira-bridge-6.1
Atlassian-localhost jar atlassian-localhost
one-source-of-truth jar one-source-of-truth
JIRA Portfolio [API] jar roadmap-api
Portfolio 2 Compatibility Framework [API] jar portfolio-2-bridge-api
Atlassian-logging jar atlassian-logging
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Dev Utils] jar portfolio-dev-utils
JIRA Portfolio [JIRA Commons] jar jira-portfolio-jira-common
JIRA Portfolio [Micros Calculation Service] jar jira-portfolio-micros-calculation-service
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Environment] jar portfolio-environment
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Core] jar portfolio-core
Portfolio 2 Compatibility Framework [0.0] jar portfolio-2-bridge-0.0
Atlassian-failure-cache jar atlassian-failure-cache
Agile Compatibility Framework [API] pom portfolio-agile-api
JIRA Compatibility Framework [API] jar portfolio-jira-bridges
JIRA Portfolio 2 [REST] jar portfolio-rest
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Client] jar portfolio-client
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Dev Environment] jar portfolio-environment-dev
Portfolio 2 / Team Management [Plugin] atlassian-plugin team-management-plugin
Portfolio 2 / Portfolio [Plugin] atlassian-plugin portfolio-plugin
WebWork/XWork/Struts Compatibility Layer jar webwork-compat
JIRA Portfolio 2 [JIRA Environment] jar portfolio-environment-jira
Compatibility Framework Infrastructure jar portfolio-apis
JIRA Compatibility Framework [API] jar portfolio-jira-api
Atlassian Rate Limit jar atlassian-ratelimit
Ant-filesystem-tasks jar ant-filesystem-tasks
lucene-filtered-collector jar lucene-filtered-collector
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.7] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.7-breakit
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.7] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.7
JIRA Compatibility Framework [6.4] jar portfolio-jira-api-6.4
JIRA Compatibility Framework [6.1] jar portfolio-jira-api-6.1
JIRA Compatibility Framework [6.3] jar portfolio-jira-api-6.3
JIRA Compatibility Framework [7.0] jar portfolio-jira-api-7.0
JIRA Portfolio 2 [API] jar portfolio-api
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.6.0] jar portfolio-agile-api-6.6.0
Agile Compatibility Framework [API] jar portfolio-agile-bridges
Atlassian Awareness Utils jar atlassian-awareness-utils
StatsD Client jar statsd-client
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.6.11] jar portfolio-agile-bridge-6.6.11
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.4.0] jar portfolio-agile-bridge-6.4.0
Agile Compatibility Framework [6.7] jar portfolio-agile-bridge-6.7
Portfolio 2 Compatibility Framework [Parent] pom portfolio-2-bridge
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Parent] pom portfolio-2
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Dev Server] jar portfolio-dev-server
Portfolio for JIRA [Parent] pom portfolio-1
JIRA Portfolio 2 [Plugin] atlassian-plugin portfolio
Plugins-viewer-plugin atlassian-plugin plugins-viewer-plugin
Atlassian plugins viewer pom plugins-viewer-parent
Public Announcement Service Plugin atlassian-plugin pas
Jsr166e jar jsr166e
Portfolio for JIRA [Test Server and Integration Tests] jar jira-portfolio-testserver
Portfolio for JIRA [Scheduling-Experimental] jar jira-portfolio-scheduling-experimental
Portfolio for JIRA [OD Acceptance Tests] jar jira-portfolio-ondemand-acceptance-tests
JIRA Portfolio [Micros Resource Testing Service] jar jira-portfolio-micros-resource-testing-service
Portfolio for JIRA [Parent POM] pom jira-portfolio-main
JIRA Compatibility Framework [Parent] pom portfolio-jira-bridge
JIRA Portfolio ${packaging.type} jira-portfolio
Atlassian Failure Cache pom atlassian-failure-cache-parent
java-router jar java-router
kaboot atlassian-plugin atl-docco
AspectJ Mojo maven-plugin aspectj-maven-plugin
Jasmine Env pom jasmine-env
Grrr pom grrr
Geppetto pom geppetto
flaky-tools jar flaky-tools
whats-new-plugin atlassian-plugin whats-new-plugin
Dummy-deploy jar dummy-deploy
Browsers jar browsers
spotlight-plugin atlassian-plugin atlassian-spotlight-plugin

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