fresh name packaging artifact id
Microserver jar micro-core
Microserver Jersey jar micro-jersey
Microserver Grizzly jar micro-grizzly
Microserver Jackson Configuration jar micro-jackson-configuration
Microserver client jar micro-client
Microserver Grizzly With Jersey jar micro-grizzly-with-jersey
Microserver events jar micro-events
Microserver jdbc jar micro-jdbc
Microserver metrics jar micro-metrics
Microserver guava jar micro-guava
Microserver Manifest Comparator jar micro-manifest-comparator
Microserver : swagger jar micro-swagger
Microserver reactive jar micro-reactive
Microserver hikaricp jar micro-hikaricp
Microserver distributed lock jar micro-dist-lock
Microserver couchbase jar micro-couchbase
Microserver error handling jar micro-error-codes
Microserver Tomcat jar micro-tomcat
Microserver ip tracker jar micro-ip-tracker
Microserver hibernate jar micro-hibernate
Microserver cors jar micro-cors
Microserver event metrics jar micro-event-metrics
Microserver application register jar micro-application-register
Microserver-boot jar micro-boot
Microserver Jersey general exception mapper jar micro-general-exception-mapper
Microserver jar microserver-core
Microserver Tomcat With Jersey jar micro-tomcat-with-jersey
Microserver reactive jar microserver-reactive
Microserver : swagger jar microserver-swagger
Microserver micro-slack jar micro-slack
Microserver-spring-boot jar micro-spring-boot
Microserver alive handler jar micro-alive-handler
Microserver transactions jar micro-transactions
Microserver async data loading jar micro-async-data-loader
Microserver async data writing jar micro-async-data-writer
Microserver curator integration jar micro-curator
Microserver data jar micro-data
Microserver dbcp jar micro-dbcp
Microserver elasticache jar micro-elasticache
Microserver javaslang jar micro-javaslang
Microserver jmx metrics jar micro-jmx-metrics
Microserver log4j jar micro-log4j
Microserver logback jar micro-logback
Microserver log streamer jar micro-log-streamer
Microserver machine stats jar micro-machine-stats
Microserver metrics jar micro-metrics-datadog
Microserver mysql jar micro-mysql
Microserver s3 integration jar micro-s3
Microserver-boot jar microserver-boot
Microserver client jar microserver-client
Microserver cors jar microserver-cors
Microserver data jar microserver-data
Microserver events jar microserver-events
Microserver Grizzly jar microserver-grizzly
Microserver Grizzly With Jersey jar microserver-grizzly-with-jersey
Microserver guava jar microserver-guava
Microserver ip tracker jar microserver-ip-tracker
Microserver Jersey jar microserver-jersey
Microserver metrics jar microserver-metrics

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