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fresh name packaging artifact id
jclouds Rackspace Next Generation Cloud Servers US provider bundle rackspace-cloudservers-us
jclouds Rackspace Next Generation Cloud Block Storage US provider bundle rackspace-cloudblockstorage-us
jclouds Rackspace Next Generation Cloud Block Storage UK provider bundle rackspace-cloudblockstorage-uk
jclouds Amazon Elastic Load Balancer provider bundle aws-cloudwatch
jclouds Amazon Simple Queue Service provider bundle aws-sqs
jclouds Amazon Identity and Access Management (STS) provider bundle aws-sts
jclouds Azure Storage provider bundle azureblob
jclouds DigitalOcean v2 API Provider bundle digitalocean2
jclouds dynect api bundle dynect
jclouds ElasticHosts BlueSquare London provider bundle elastichosts-lon-b
jclouds ElasticHosts Peer1 London provider bundle elastichosts-lon-p
jclouds ultradns-ws provider bundle ultradns-ws
jclouds Amazon EC2 provider bundle aws-ec2
jclouds Amazon Route 53 provider bundle aws-route53
jclouds Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provider bundle aws-s3
jclouds Rackspace Next Generation Cloud DNS UK provider bundle rackspace-clouddns-uk
jclouds Rackspace Next Generation Cloud DNS US provider bundle rackspace-clouddns-us
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Files UK provider bundle rackspace-cloudfiles-uk
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Files US provider bundle rackspace-cloudfiles-us
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers UK provider bundle rackspace-cloudloadbalancers-uk
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers US provider bundle rackspace-cloudloadbalancers-us
jclouds Rackspace Next Generation Cloud Servers provider bundle rackspace-cloudservers-uk
jclouds Serverlove Manchester provider bundle serverlove-z1-man
jclouds SkaliCloud Malaysia provider bundle skalicloud-sdg-my
jclouds SoftLayer core bundle softlayer
jclouds ElasticHosts Peer1 San Antonio provider bundle elastichosts-sat-p
jclouds Go2Cloud Johannesburg1 provider bundle go2cloud-jhb1
jclouds GoGrid provider bundle gogrid
jclouds Google Compute Engine provider bundle google-compute-engine
jclouds Open Hosting East1 provider bundle openhosting-east1
jclouds ProfitBricks api bundle profitbricks
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Databases UK provider bundle rackspace-clouddatabases-uk
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Databases US provider bundle rackspace-clouddatabases-us
jclouds ElasticHosts Miami provider bundle elastichosts-mmi-a
jclouds ElasticHosts Amsterdam provider bundle elastichosts-ams-e
jclouds ElasticHosts San Jose provider bundle elastichosts-sjc-c
jclouds ElasticHosts Sydney provider bundle elastichosts-syd-v
jclouds ElasticHosts Peer1 Toronto provider bundle elastichosts-tor-p
jclouds GleSYS core bundle glesys
jclouds ElasticHosts Dallas provider bundle elastichosts-dal-a
jclouds ElasticHosts Peer1 Los Angeles provider bundle elastichosts-lax-p
jclouds ElasticHosts Hong Kong provider bundle elastichosts-hkg-e
jclouds providers project jar jclouds-providers-project

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