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fresh name packaging artifact id
jclouds openstack-keystone api bundle openstack-keystone
jclouds rackspace cloudidentity api bundle rackspace-cloudidentity
jclouds elasticstack core bundle elasticstack
Apache jclouds :: OpenStack :: Nova API bundle openstack-nova
jclouds sts api bundle sts
jclouds openstack-swift api bundle openstack-swift
jclouds openstack-cinder api bundle openstack-cinder
jclouds OAuth core bundle oauth
jclouds rackspace clouddns api bundle rackspace-clouddns
jclouds ec2 api bundle ec2
jclouds openstack-trove api bundle openstack-trove
jclouds rackspace-cloudfiles api bundle rackspace-cloudfiles
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers API bundle rackspace-cloudloadbalancers
jclouds s3 api bundle s3
jclouds cloudwatch api bundle cloudwatch
jclouds sqs api bundle sqs
jclouds route53 api bundle route53
jclouds bring your own node provider bundle byon
jclouds docker API bundle docker
jclouds cloudstack core bundle cloudstack
jclouds openstack-nova-ec2 api bundle openstack-nova-ec2
jclouds atmos components bundle atmos
jclouds filesystem core bundle filesystem
jclouds Chef api bundle chef
jclouds apis project jar jclouds-apis-project
jclouds example components for a standalone compute provider bundle servermanager

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