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fresh name packaging artifact id
Alexa Skills Kit jar alexa-skills-kit
ASK SDK for Java Core jar ask-sdk-core
ASK SDK for Java jar ask-sdk
ASK SDK for Java Apache API Client jar ask-sdk-apache-client
ask-sdk-model jar ask-sdk-model
ASK SDK for Java Lambda Support Plugin jar ask-sdk-lambda-support
ASK SDK for Java Runtime jar ask-sdk-runtime
ASK SDK for Java Servlet Support Plugin jar ask-sdk-servlet-support
ASK SDK for Java DynamoDB Persistence Adapter jar ask-sdk-dynamodb-persistence-adapter
ask-sdk-model-runtime jar ask-sdk-model-runtime
ASK SDK for Java FreeMarker Template Renderer jar ask-sdk-freemarker
ask-smapi-model jar ask-smapi-model
ASK SMAPI SDK for Java jar ask-smapi-sdk
ASK SDK Interaction Model Mapper jar ask-sdk-interaction-model-mapper
ASK SDK MVC Framework jar ask-sdk-mvc
ASK SDK Interaction Model jar ask-sdk-interaction-model
ASK SDK for Java Local Debugging Adapter jar ask-sdk-local-debug
ASK SDK Maven Plugins maven-plugin ask-sdk-maven-plugins
ASK SDK MVC Freemarker View Resolver jar ask-sdk-mvc-freemarker
ASK SDK for Java pom ask-sdk-pom

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