logo group: com.almis.awe

fresh name packaging artifact id
AWE Controller (V4.4.2) jar awe-controller
AWE Model (V${project.parent.version}) jar awe-model
AWE Spring Boot Starter Builder (V4.4.2) jar awe-builder-spring-boot-starter
AWE Modules - Builder (V4.4.2) jar awe-builder
AWE Modules - Developer (V4.4.2) jar awe-developer
AWE Modules - Tools (V4.4.2) jar awe-tools
AWE Modules - Annotation (V4.4.2) jar awe-annotation
AWE Modules - Rest (V4.4.2) jar awe-rest
AWE Generic Screens (V4.4.2) jar awe-generic-screens
AWE Modules - Scheduler (V4.4.2) jar awe-scheduler
AWE Modules - Notifier (V4.4.2) jar awe-notifier
AWE Spring Boot Starter Annotations (V4.4.2) jar awe-annotations-spring-boot-starter
AWE Spring Boot Starter Tools (V4.4.2) jar awe-tools-spring-boot-starter
AWE Client Angular (V4.4.2) jar awe-client-angular
AWE Spring Boot Starter Developer (V4.4.2) jar awe-developer-spring-boot-starter
AWE Spring Boot Starter Rest (V4.4.2) jar awe-rest-spring-boot-starter
AWE Spring Boot Starter (V4.4.2) jar awe-spring-boot-starter
AWE Testing Utilities (V4.4.2) jar awe-testing
AWE Framework (V4.4.2) pom awe-framework
AWE Spring Boot Archetype (V4.4.2) maven-archetype awe-boot-archetype
AWE Dependencies (V4.4.2) pom awe-dependencies
AWE Spring Boot Starter Scheduler (V4.4.2) jar awe-scheduler-spring-boot-starter
AWE Integration Tests (V4.0.6) war awe-boot
AWE Starter Parent (V4.4.2) pom awe-starter-parent
AWE Starters (V4.4.2) pom awe-starters
AWE Modules (V4.4.2) pom awe-modules
AWE (V4.0.5) pom awe-parent
AWE Spring Boot Starter Notifier (V4.4.2) jar awe-notifier-spring-boot-starter

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