group: com.almende.eve

fresh name packaging artifact id
EVE Common tools jar eve-common
EVE Transport Framework jar eve-transport-common
EVE State Framework (incl. Memory and FileState) jar eve-state-common
EVE Core transitional package pom eve-core
EVE Transport HTTP - Common HTTP artifacts jar eve-transport-http-common
EVE Base Agents jar eve-agents
EVE Google App Engine jar eve-gae
EVE Scheduling Framework jar eve-scheduling-common
EVE Transport HTTP - Embedded Jetty Setup jar eve-transport-http-jetty
EVE Planning jar eve-planning
EVE Protocol JSON-RPC handling jar eve-protocol-jsonrpc
EVE Transport Websockets jar eve-transport-ws
EVE State CouchDB jar eve-state-couch
EVE Scheduling Persistent Scheduler jar eve-scheduling-persistent
EVE Transport HTTP jar eve-transport-http
EVE Transport ZMQ jar eve-transport-zmq
EVE Bundle Full - Embedded Jetty Server jar eve-bundle-full-embed
EVE Deployment Tooling jar eve-deploy
EVE Test Suite jar eve-tests
EVE Transport XMPP jar eve-transport-xmpp
EVE State MongoDB jar eve-state-mongo
EVE Transform JSON-RPC handling jar eve-transform-rpc
EVE Android Library jar eve-android
EVE Bundle Full jar eve-bundle-full
EVE Hibernate/Boot Service jar eve-instantiation
EVE Protocol Stack Framework jar eve-protocol-common
EVE State RedisDB jar eve-state-redis
EVE Algorithms Simple Collection jar eve-algorithms-simple
EVE Transport HTTP - Apache 4.0 version jar eve-transport-http-apache40
EVE Wake/Boot Service jar eve-wake
EVE Transform Framework jar eve-transform-common
EVE Test Suite, example and test Web deployment war eve-tests-war
EVE Transform Parent pom eve-transform
EVE pom eve
EVE Transport Parent pom eve-transport
eve-gae-demo war eve-gae-demo
EVE Bundle Android - Websocket Client jar eve-bundle-android-ws
EVE Bundle Android jar eve-bundle-android
EVE Bundle Parent pom eve-bundle
EVE Algorithms Distributed Hashtables jar eve-algorithms-dht
EVE Algorithms Parent pom eve-algorithms
EVE Scheduling Synchronizing Scheduler jar eve-scheduling-sync
EVE State Parent pom eve-state
EVE Scheduling Parent pom eve-scheduling
EVE Protocol Parent pom eve-protocol
EVE Google App Engine Test war eve-gae-test

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