logo group: com.aliyun.openservices

fresh name packaging artifact id
ons-client jar ons-client
Aliyun LOG Java SDK jar aliyun-log
Aliyun LOG Java Producer jar aliyun-log-producer
Aliyun Open Services SDK for Java jar aliyun-openservices
Aliyun LOG Java Consumer jar loghub-client-lib
AliCloud TableStore SDK for Java jar tablestore
Aliyun LOG Java Producer jar log-loghub-producer
ons-api jar ons-api
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar aliyun-log-android-sdk
aliyun log log4j2 appender jar aliyun-log-log4j2-appender
aliyun log logback appender jar aliyun-log-logback-appender
ons-auth4client jar ons-auth4client
Iot-client-message jar iot-client-message
Aliyun Open Services SDK for Java jar ots-public
loghub log4j appender for Java API Version 0.6.0 jar log-loghub-log4j-appender
Iot-client-base jar iot-client-base
Ons-sasl-client jar ons-sasl-client
Aliyun LOG Java SDK for View jar aliyun-log-view
Aliware-apache-rocketmq-cloud jar aliware-apache-rocketmq-cloud
Sls SDK for Java jar aliyun-openservices-sls-v0.3
aliyun log log4j appender jar aliyun-log-log4j-appender
Aliyun LOG Jaeger Sender jar aliyun-log-jaeger-sender
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar alysls-android-core
iot-as-bridge-sdk-core jar iot-as-bridge-sdk-core
ons-jms 1.2.2 jar ons-jms
ons-trace-core jar ons-trace-core
Aliyun TableStore Stream Client for Java jar tablestore-streamclient
Sls SDK for Java jar aliyun-sls
Aliyun CMS Data Upload SDK for Java API Version jar aliyun-cms
flink log connector jar flink-log-connector
loghub-storm-spout jar loghub-storm-spout
Spark Connector for Alibaba Log Service jar logservice-spark-connector_2.11
TableStore flink connector jar flink-connector-ots
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar alysls-android-trace
Spark Connector for Alibaba Log Service jar logservice-spark-connector_2.12
Spark Connector for Alibaba Log Service Parent pom logservice-spark-connector-parent
Spark Connector for Alibaba Log Service Parent pom logservice-spark-connector-parent_2.12
ons-all pom ons-all
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar alysls-android-network_diagnosis
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar alysls-android-crashreporter
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar alysls-android-adapter
ons-client-all pom ons-client-all
ons-client-ext jar ons-client-ext
ons-example 1.2.2 jar ons-example
AliCloud TableStore HBase Client for Java jar tablestore-hbase-client
ons-parent pom ons-parent
AliCloud TableStore JDBC SDK jar tablestore-jdbc
otclienthelper aar ot-clien-helper
aliyun-log-android-sdk aar aliyun-log-android-crashreporter
Aliyun E-MapReduce External LogService Support jar spark-streaming-logservice
iot-as-bridge-sdk-server jar iot-as-bridge-sdk-server
iot-client pom iot-client
flink log connector jar flink-log-connector-beta
flink log connector jar flink-log-connector-watermark
Sls SDK for Java API Version 0.6.0 jar log-for-test
Aliyun LOG Java Consumer for View jar loghub-client-lib-view
loghub-storm-spout jar loghub-storm-1.0-spout
loghub-storm-spout jar loghub-storm-1.0-spout-

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