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fresh name packaging artifact id
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Nacos Discovery jar spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-discovery
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Nacos Config jar spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-config
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Sentinel jar spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-sentinel
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Seata jar spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-seata
Spring Cloud Starter Dubbo jar spring-cloud-starter-dubbo
Spring Cloud Starter Stream RocketMQ jar spring-cloud-starter-stream-rocketmq
Spring Cloud Alibaba Sentinel DataSource jar spring-cloud-alibaba-sentinel-datasource
Spring Cloud Alibaba Sentinel Gateway jar spring-cloud-alibaba-sentinel-gateway
Spring Cloud Alibaba Dependencies pom spring-cloud-alibaba-dependencies
Spring Cloud AliCloud Context jar spring-cloud-alicloud-context
Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos Discovery jar spring-cloud-alibaba-nacos-discovery
alicloud-context jar alicloud-context
Spring Cloud Alibaba Seata jar spring-cloud-alibaba-seata
Spring Cloud Alibaba Commons jar spring-cloud-alibaba-commons
Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos Config jar spring-cloud-alibaba-nacos-config
Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker Sentinel jar spring-cloud-circuitbreaker-sentinel
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters :: OSS jar aliyun-oss-spring-boot-starter
Spring Cloud Alibaba RocketMQ Binder jar spring-cloud-stream-binder-rocketmq
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Cloud OSS jar spring-cloud-starter-alicloud-oss
Spring-cloud-alibaba-acm-autoconfigure jar spring-cloud-alibaba-acm-autoconfigure
Spring Cloud Alibaba Sentinel jar spring-cloud-alibaba-sentinel
Spring-cloud-alibaba-ans-autoconfigure jar spring-cloud-alibaba-ans-autoconfigure
Spring Cloud Alibaba Cloud OSS jar spring-cloud-alicloud-oss
Spring Cloud Alibaba Bus RocketMQ jar spring-cloud-starter-bus-rocketmq
Spring Cloud Alibaba Cloud ACM jar spring-cloud-alicloud-acm
Spring Cloud Alibaba Cloud ANS jar spring-cloud-alicloud-ans
Spring Cloud Alibaba Cloud SMS jar spring-cloud-alicloud-sms
Spring Cloud Alibaba Cloud SchedulerX jar spring-cloud-alicloud-schedulerx
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters :: SMS jar aliyun-sms-spring-boot-starter
Spring-cloud-alibaba-acm-autoconfigure2 jar spring-cloud-alibaba-acm-autoconfigure2
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters :: Context jar aliyun-context-spring-boot-starter
Spring-cloud-alibaba-context jar spring-cloud-alibaba-context
Spring Cloud Alibaba Dubbo jar spring-cloud-alibaba-dubbo
Spring-cloud-alibaba-ans-autoconfigure2 jar spring-cloud-alibaba-ans-autoconfigure2
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters :: Redis jar aliyun-redis-spring-boot-starter
Spring Cloud Alibaba Sidecar jar spring-cloud-alibaba-sidecar
Spring-cloud-starter-acm jar spring-cloud-starter-acm
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters :: SchedulerX jar aliyun-schedulerx-spring-boot-starter
Spring-cloud-starter-ans jar spring-cloud-starter-ans
Spring-cloud-alibaba-edas-starter jar spring-cloud-alibaba-edas-starter
spring-cloud-acm pom spring-cloud-acm
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters pom aliyun-spring-boot-starters
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Parent pom aliyun-spring-boot-parent
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Sidecar jar spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-sidecar
Spring Cloud Alibaba Cloud Starters pom spring-cloud-starter-alicloud
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Cloud ACM jar spring-cloud-starter-alicloud-acm
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Cloud ANS jar spring-cloud-starter-alicloud-ans
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Dependencies pom aliyun-spring-boot-dependencies
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Cloud SchedulerX jar spring-cloud-starter-alicloud-schedulerx
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Cloud SMS jar spring-cloud-starter-alicloud-sms
Aliyun Spring Boot pom aliyun-spring-boot
Aliyun Spring Boot :: Starters :: RDS jar aliyun-rds-spring-boot-starter
Spring Cloud Alibaba Starters pom spring-cloud-alibaba-starters
toolkit-maven-plugin maven-plugin toolkit-maven-plugin
Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos Config Server jar spring-cloud-alibaba-nacos-config-server
Spring Cloud Alibaba Documentation pom spring-cloud-alibaba-docs
spring-cloud-alibaba-cloud pom spring-cloud-alibaba-cloud
Spring Cloud Alibaba Starters pom spring-cloud-starter-alibaba
Spring Cloud Alibaba pom spring-cloud-alibaba
Spring Cloud Starter Alibaba Nacos Config Server jar spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-config-server

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