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fresh name packaging artifact id
Testing Servlet Container jar testing-servlet-container
Web Application Toolkit (Core Library) jar web-app-toolkit-core
Web Application Toolkit (Testing Framework) jar web-app-toolkit-test
REST Controller Framework (Core Library) jar rcf-core
JPA Utilities jar jpa-utils
SMTP Sender jar smtp-sender
Simple HTTP Client jar simple-http-client
Scanner Maven Plugin Library jar scanner-maven-plugin-lib
AGRESTE (Core Library) jar agreste-core
Console Utilities jar console-utils
Embedded Servlet Container jar embedded-servlet-container
AGRESTE (Testing Library) jar agreste-test
REST Controller Framework (Application Archetype) maven-archetype rcf-app-archetype
agreste-lib-archetype maven-archetype agreste-lib-archetype
JPA Class Scanner Maven Plugin maven-plugin jpa-scanner-maven-plugin
agreste-app-archetype maven-archetype agreste-app-archetype
REST Controller Framework (Scanner Maven Plugin) maven-plugin rcf-scanner-maven-plugin

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