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fresh name packaging artifact id
Aerospike Java Client jar aerospike-client
Aerospike Java Client BC jar aerospike-client-bc
aerospike-reactor-client jar aerospike-reactor-client
Spring Data Aerospike jar spring-data-aerospike
Aerospike Query Engine jar aerospike-query-engine
aerospike-helper-java jar aerospike-helper-java
Aerospike Transcoder jar aerospike-transcoder
Spring Data Aerospike Starters: spring-boot-autoconfigure-data-aerospike jar spring-boot-autoconfigure-data-aerospike
Aerospike Cache jar aerospike-cache
Aerospike Reactor Query Engine jar aerospike-reactor-query-engine
Aerospike Session Store jar aerospike-session-store
Spring Data Aerospike Starters: spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike jar spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike
Spring Data Aerospike Starters: spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike-reactive jar spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike-reactive
spring-session-aerospike jar spring-session-aerospike
aerospike-client-java-reactive pom aerospike-client-java-reactive
Spring Data Aerospike Starters pom spring-data-aerospike-starters
aerospike-shiro-session jar aerospike-shiro-session
aerospike-spark jar aerospike-spark_2.12
Aerospike Connect Outbound SDK pom.sha512 aerospike-connect-outbound-sdk
Aerospike Kafka Connector jar apache-kafka-connector
Aerospike Object Mapper jar java-object-mapper
Spring Data Aerospike Starters: spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike-example, reactive jar reactive
Aerospike Connect Inbound SDK pom.sha512 aerospike-connect-inbound-sdk
Spring Data Aerospike Starters: spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike-example pom spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike-example
Spring Data Aerospike Starters: spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike-example, sync jar sync
Aerospike Kafka Connector jar aerospike-kafka-connector
Aerospike Play Cache_2 11 jar aerospike-play-cache_2.11
Aerospike Play Session Store_2 11 jar aerospike-play-session-store_2.11
Aerospike Document API jar aerospike-document-api
aerospike-jdbc jar aerospike-jdbc

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