logo group: com.adobe.marketing.mobile

fresh name packaging artifact id
AdobeMobileCoreSdk aar core
AdobeMobileCoreSdk pom sdk-core
AdobeMobileUserProfileSdk aar userprofile
AdobeMobileAnalyticsSdk aar analytics
AdobeMobileMediaSdk aar media
AdobeMobileServicesSdk aar mobileservices
AdobeMobileIdentitySdk aar identity
AdobeMobileLifecycleSdk aar lifecycle
AdobeMobileSignalSdk aar signal
AdobeMobilePlacesSdk aar places
AdobeMobileEdgeIdentitySdk aar edgeidentity
AdobeMobileEdgeSdk aar edge
AdobeMobileAnalyticsEdgeSdk aar analyticsedge
AdobeMobilePlacesMonitorSdk aar places-monitor
AdobeMobileAssurance aar assurance
AdobeMobileTargetSdk aar target
AdobeMobileCampaignSdk aar campaign
AdobeMobileAudienceSdk aar audience
AdobeMobileCampaignClassicSdk aar campaignclassic
AdobeMobileEdgeConsentSdk aar edgeconsent
AdobeMobileGriffon aar griffon
AdobeMobileGriffonBridge aar griffonbridge
AdobeMobileTargetVecSDK aar target-vec
AdobeMobileMessagingSdk aar messaging

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